.1 Im Free At Last, Thank The Lord Im Free At Last

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.1 Im Free At Last, Thank The Lord Im Free At Last
A/N Hey Guys, So another book! Don't worry I'm still working on the other one, but I thought I would give a sneak peek to this book.

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Without further ado......... THE RUN {Volume 1}

The lights, brighter than the sun itself shown on the now graffitied wall.

The sirens louder than a lions roar, kept getting closer and closer.

I slowly crept out of my hiding spot to leave. Something was holding my shoulder. It was clawing at my hair and back, pulling me further into the dark.

I thought it was a cat...but it was Romeo. My Best Friend, or so I thought he was until he turned at the cops and said; " I've got it dad, we have got the graffitied bandit in hand..."

He told me his dad died in a fire under the Manson Bridge.

My head hanging low as they pulled my mask off. The gasps collided into one like a song. The silence so tense you could here the crickets.

"Ruby I'm so so-" My glare cutting him off.

Without listening to a word they were saying I went and sat in the back of the cop car.

Looks like we have to move...for the fifth time now.

It's always like this I've moved about four times this year. Let's hope it's different now...


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Word count:386 words
Page numbers:8 pages

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