The MET Gala Part 3.

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These few days flew by fast and it was as predicted. Kendall partied for two days straight and never come home leaving me with everyone else. They tried getting hold of her since they were worried about her and me...I was confused, lost and didn't know what to make of everything honestly.

She came home earlier today and everyone was asking where she was while I just sat back and let them. I tried calling a few times and whenever I did I got voicemail or Justine picking the phone up and saying that she was busy. I didn't tell the others cause I know that'd question her like crazy. I was busy on a phone call with Kris when Kendall walked in and stood in front of me.

Kendall:"Did you ask them to do this?"She asked making me mumble a quick bye to Kris and look at her confused.

Y/n:"Do what?"

Kylie:"Kendall! We are talking to you"She yelled coming into the kitchen with the others hot on her heels.

Kendall:"And I don't want to talk! I only came back since I have to pack for tomorrow"She said annoyed. I'm not going to lie when I say that, that hurt. I frowned a little and slammed my hands on the counter making everyone jump.

Y/n:"Where were you Kendall?"I asked looking at her"Just say it so everyone can stop questioning you"I said making her sigh.

Kendall:"I was with Justine, Ferg and Rocky"She said making them eye her suspiciously while I nodded since I was friends with all of them. They all gave her a look making her look away and face me"Happy now"She said making me wake up.

Y/n:"Okay firstly I never ask them to ask you questions so please don't say I did and secondly I don't know what the hell is your problem Kendall! I'm trying to talk to you, I want to spend time with you. I'm trying Kendall"I said frustrated. Her face softened a little"I'm going to go pack"I said walking past everyone to the room.

As soon as I walked in I got hit with the smell of Kendall making me whole body suddenly relax. We could be fighting like hell but she would always calm me down...even if it is her perfume. I saw that her bags were already packed making me sigh and grab mines. I was busy packing when I felt eyes on me making me look up and see Kendall starring at me.

Kendall:"Are you coming to Travis's birthday party?"She asked making me nod.

Y/n:"We are best friends so yeah"I said putting my shirts inside the suitcase.

Kendall:"And then you're leaving?"She asked. I zipped up the bag and turned to face her.

Y/n:"I can only stay for a few hours and then I have to leave"I said making her nod.

Kendall:"We should probably get some sleep....we have an early flight tomorrow"She said making me nod and get into bed.

She got in bed and kept to her side making me heart hurt a little. Normally she would rest her head on my chest and I'd kiss her head and we'd fall asleep but I guess she didn't want that since she kept to her side. I tried to fall asleep but it was impossible since all I could do is think about her and everything that's been happening. I got up and walked to the bathroom and washed my face trying to slow down my heartbeat.

I walked out the bathroom and sat at the edge of the bed sighing. I ran my hand through my hair and turned to face the girl sleeping next me. She looked so peaceful and at ease then when she was awake. I caressed her cheek a little making her stir a little and open her eyes slightly.

Kendall:"Are you okay?"She asked sleepily making me smile and pull my hand away.

Y/n:"Yeah, I couldn't sleep is all...sorry to wake you"I said laying back down and looked at the ceiling making her move closer to me and rest her head on my chest.

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