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Chapter 1

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Chad's POV:

I slowly opened my eyes and groaned in pain. I was still on the floor from yet another beating from my "father". I put quotation around the word "father" because he hates my guts and in return, I hate his too. It's just the relationship we have. I looked at my surroundings, the floor I was on was hard and cold and had MY blood on it.

I slightly winced as I stood up, I a let out a slight moan as I felt all the pain shoot through my body. As I walked over to my private bathroom I stood in front of the mirror and just stared at myself for god knows how long. I had a purple bruise on my right eye, bruises up my arms and probably sprained ribs. I wasn't quite sure if you could sprain your wrist but if you could then I would have.

I glanced at the first aid kit with the corner of my eye. I grabbed it and quickly put on cover up. I had to be quick for my father would be home soon. When I was done with the first kit I put it away then headed for my bedroom. I lay on top my bed and waited for him to come home from the pub, smelling of beer and what not. I suddenly heard the door slam.

"CHAD DYLAN COOPER" Oh god, save me!

"GET DOWN HERE NOW!" I heard my dad screamed.

I slowly walked down the stairs and made my way to the front door.

" What's on your face?" He asked me.

You could smell in his breath that he had been drinking. You could hear it In his voice too.

"It's called cover up" I said.

It sounded as though I was trying to be smart. I wished I wished I hadn't said that now.

"What did you say to me?" He asked. "Nohing!" I said quickly.

But it was too late, his fist had already collided with my face causing blood to come from my nose.

He took a few more strikes before he changed position. Next he started to kick me in the stomach. It hurt like hell! I knew what was coming next, and he did too.

"Strip now!" He said.

I did as I was told, not wanting to be told a second time and tripped out of my clothes so all I had on was my underwear and socks. I watched as he took off his belt.

" Lay down" he demanded.

Yet again I did as I was told, groaning as I did so. I felt a sharp pain in my back as he whipped me with the belt. He did that repeatedly for about twenty minutes and then decided to throw me against the wall.

He started banging my head against the wall. I was felling drowsy now. I was loosing consciousness, I felt everything go black around me and that was it.

-the next morning-

Chad's POV:

I woke up to the hard floor yet again and was aching twice a bad this time. I got up and checked my watch, It was 5:30. I walked up the stairs and peered through my dads bedroom door, good he was asleep. I slowly tiptoed to my room. I walked over to my wardrobe and got out my clothes for the day. I'd change into uniform before we start filming.

I got my things together like my car keys and such, and left the house. I drove to the studios in silence, I didn't even have the radio on. I felt a pain throbbing in my foot, there was nothing I could do about it so I just left it. I got out of my car and limped my way over to the studio doors. I tried to get as quickly as I possibly could so that I could get to my dressing and relax my foot. I was stopped half way by non other than Sonny Monroe.

"Chad, are you okay?" The brunette asked me as she glanced at my foot.

"Uh yeah I'm fine, Why wouldn't I be?" I replied.

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