your my Prince - part 2

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Viana's POV

We stayed in the position for a good 5 minutes, bulma comes over and pulls me off of him and she hugs me as if she was jealous of vegeta.

"WOMAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" vegeta yelled at bulma.

"She's my friend! No one should kiss her!" Bulma said.

"Uhmm.. huh?" I said confused.

Vegeta huffs and walks over to a tree, bulma let's me go and walks back over to yamcha, I snuck over to vegeta & poked him I'm the side.

"WOMAN, I SAID-" vegeta was about to yell but saw me.

"Vegeta, can... we talk?" I said.

Vegeta grabs me in princess carry and takes off, we both can hear bulma yelling & goku cheering.

We land on a beautiful grassy field, vegeta puts me down and we are face to face.

"Vegeta, what happend to planet vegeta?" I said.

"It was blown up by frieza...." Vegeta said as he looks like he's hurt.

I knew he was hurt, I hugged him.
My chest pressed up against him, I couldn't stop blushing but I felt vegeta crying.

"Vegeta.. are you.. crying?" I said.

"MEN DON'T CRY!" Vegeta yelled as he cried.

"There there..." I said.

Vegeta's hands moved to my booty & he pulls me close to him as he kisses me softly.


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