We need to talk

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Hey, Jackie here. I'm sorry that I've been late with some requests but school just started and everything in life has went down hill. My classmates were changed in my group, my best friend isn't with me this year but my ex-boyfriend is. So... I'm doing my best to keep up with your requests. I've been having some problems with saving the chapters lately.

But I promise to post all of your request sooner or later. Also I wanted to talk about something that I've been noticing lately in the comments.

People have been whining about Hiro being underage and still having sex with the reader. And all I'm going to say is if you feel uncomfortable with Hiro being underage, then JUST DON'T READ IT!

Most of the times, I don't focus on that subject since in the request, the age isn't requested (except one of the last ones that I published where Hiro is your husband). And if you are imaginative enough, you can just translate it differently in your head. Instead of seeing a 14 year old Hiro fucking your brains out, just imagine an 18 or 19 year old Hiro.

Another topic that I've noticed is about some people not liking the incest that sometimes is hinted in the lemons, well if you would like me to, I can put warnings in the beginning of the lemons. Such as:


Do you want me to do that? Like the one I put at the last smut of Hidashi? It doesn't bother me at all. I just want to make you happy and comfortable.

If you have any other inconvenience, please let me know in the comments so I can see.

See you in the next lemon~




~Jackie is out

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