falling for goku - part 2

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Viana POV

I stand there shocked as everyone else is also shocked.

"I uhmm.. sure?"

"Cool!" Goku said.

Goku went ss2, I was in kind of shock but I surprised them more then they surprised me.

I went ss3, long hair and everything. Vegeta was shocked, bulma & yamcha was surprised and goku was motivated.

Goku came at me with a punch and I dodged it, I continued to dodge all his attacks, and then as he was weak, I big banged him in the back, sent him flying into vegeta.

I powered down and flew over to him.

"Im so sorry! ARE you ok??" I said.

"That was fun!" Goku said as he ate a senzu bean.

"Are you ok??" I said again.

"Huh?? Oh I'm fine! Hey can you teach me how to use ss3?" Goku said with excitement.

"Um.. sure.. but.. I only got it threw torment..." I said.

"Torment...?" Goku said a little confused.

"I got broken hearted by someone I liked in my time." I said as I smiled painfully.

Goku got up & hugged me tightly without any words, he knew that I would cry, he knew that iv been through a lot.


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