the meeting

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(Y/n) POV:
"Alright sir, you're cover up is finished."" Thank Ms. (L/n). How much?"" $45." He handed me the money. "Have a nice day!"" You too!" Well that was my last client of the day. As I was closing up the shop, a couple walked in. "Hi how may I help?"" Umm hi, I was wondering if you could fit me in for a tattoo if that's possible for tomorrow?"" Of course! What's your name?"" Juliet."" And last name?"" Simms." I wrote her name down. "Is 1:30 okay with you?"" Yes. And can my boyfriend get one really quick?"" Of course. Right this way." I led the guy to the back. "Babe imma pick you up later okay?"" Okay." She walked out. "So do you know what you would like?"" I was wondering if I could see your art book for something."" Of course." I handed him the book.

Andy's POV: The girl handed me her book

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Andy's POV:
The girl handed me her book. She went to get some stuff for the tattoo. As I was looking, one caught my eye.

The tattoo looked a little bit like a exotic flower. The girl came back. "Have you found anything yet?"" Uhh yea. This one."" Okay. Just let me do the out line and then we'll get started."" Okay."

(Time skip)

(Y/n) POV:
I was finally done with his tattoo. "So? Do you like it?" He looked into the mirror. "It's amazing!" I quietly giggled. "Thank you."" Umm how much?"" Well since its after hour, it's free."" You sure cuz I can give you at least $20."" I'm sure."" By the way, can I get your name?"" It's (Y/n) (L/n)."" Well, I'm Andy Biersack." We shook hands. "Andy! I'm back!"" I gotta go. See you tomorrow." He left. And that was the day I met my idol.

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