Chapter 17

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Avery's POV

I mentaly laughed to myself after I left Chica to head to my boss's office. 'I just seem to love to mess with her the most out of them all. At least on a mind level. The others are clueless.....but I have a feeling that Chica is far to close. I don't know why but I feel like I slipped once more. Oh well I'm sure she hasn't figured it out...but I have to ask before I leave so I can plan to hide what I have to from her heart-stopping, soul piercing gaze...wait...what the hell did I just think?' I shake my head as my heart seemed to sqeeze itself tight. 'God fucking damn it Chica. What the hell are you doing to me? I know you are an old friend but I feel different towards you now. You actually make me feel guilty about my tasks at hand. Hmmm...maybe Goldie has a book or two stashed somewhere. I could ask Chichi to destract him while I search for it or them and see if there is another road to take for my mission. Then maybe I won't have to make the Fazbear's hate me and I could try to make amends, starting with Chica. No longer would I be a fake wolf in a fake sheep's clothing.' I thought as I took a deep breath and put on my second face as I knocked on my boss's office door.

"Come in." I heard Mr. Conway say while I open the door and I see him and another person, who I got facts on when I after I read his file as I hid here in the office once. The other person's name was Mike Schmidt. He was exactly 6'7" tall, age 32, had dark chocholate brown hair, milk chocholate eyes, current recovering chain smoker, worked as the night guard here and has of course survived, now works as the afternoon guard here. Went to thrapy before returning for work after his 6 nights here, he is currnetly married and has a kid. I smile casually to him and gave a small wave. "Hello. I'm afraid I did not make your acquaintance sir. Hi my name is Avery Summit. Pleasure to meet you." I said to Mike as I held out my hand. "Oh uh pleasure to meet you too. My name is Mike Schmidt." he said as he shook my hand.

"So you are the new guard here?" He ask as I sat in the chair next to him, across from our boss. "Yes. I'm also the mechanic." "I see. I'm surprised. You seem more..." "Relaxed being around the animatronics?" "Yes. You are the night guard so you must know what they do." "I do. But they don't harm me or anything. I think its because I'm double as the person to fix them." I lied as he nods. "Well the both of you. Avery, I brought you here is because Mike was curious about who are new night guard was. Would have called you here earlier in the week but we go through guards fast that, well Mike you explain." Mr. Conway said as Mike took over the converstion.

"I would have liked to meet you earlier but like Bill said we go throught guards fast here because you know. And I thought that I wait a little while to see what happens before we meet. Tell me what's it like to work here at night to you? I worked the night shift so I know mine but what is your view?" Mike asked. "Well so far it's just been calm. They move around but don't bother me. I know the rumors and what not here but I think the reason they don't bother me is because again I double as the person who fixes them and this place." I lied as Mike nods, believeing my false words. "I see. Well when I come in during the afternoon I certainly see the improvments. They...move more.. smoothly, more faster and better..I remember when they weren't." he said before staying slient for a few moments before standing up. "Well I have to get back to work. It was a pleasure meeting you Avery. Good luck." he said before leaving.

"Well. Avery I take it you are free to go home now." Mr. Conway said. "Hold on sir. While I'm here, is there anything I need to fix or check up on before I go?" I asked. "Well you could check the cameras and see if they are working up to order." he suggested and I nodded. "On it sir." I said as I stood and left then went to parts and service room but not before stopping by my shared office with Mike. "Hey Mike. Can I have the monitior screen? I need it to make sure the cameras are working when I check them. Don't worry. I'll keep you posted over walkie." I said to him and he looks at me a bit seceptivly but I just give him an innocent smile as he sighs and hands me a walkie and the monitor. "Thanks Mike." I said as I went to the parts and service room and clipped the walkie to my belt. I look up to pirate cove which was close for now until the end of the gang's songs up on stage which is where they were right now. I looked up at them and smiled a bit sadly before Bonnie turned his attention and saw me then my smile turned from sad to mischif like.

He gasps but continues to play and sing in time with the others. I kept the smile on as Freddy and Chica saw me. I gave them a short wave before going into the parts and service room. I grabbed the tools and decided to work on the check on the camera here first. As I was working on the camera, Goldie appeared behind me. "Hello again Goldie. Still frusterated by me?" I asked him as my responce from him was white noise. "Not nice Gold. But hey I'm not really playing nice here am I? Playing with all your minds with my own little game. Not playing by YOUR rules. Knowing your game way before I started working here. Me a magic user able to deflect your attack on me the other night." I said as I tested the camera and stopped it on this room and saw my smirking face and the glare of Goldie burning into my back. "Not nice to glare at someone Gold." I said as I conntacted Mike. "Mike. Everything looks good. No problem in any of the rooms. I just finished checking the parts and service room. Moving on to the next." I said as he responded. "Got it Avery. Keep a look out for anything and let me know." He said "Roger dodger Mike." I replied and turned Goldie. "You Goldie were close to figuring me out but now you lost the path. Good luck Gold, you'll need it if you and the others force my hand to do bad." I said as I left with the tools to the next camera.

I steared clear from the stage camera mainly because I wanted to save it for last and the gang was still performing. As I walked back to the main area after checking the second to last camera which happened to be cam.2b, the gang finished and I went on stage to check the camera as the gang roamed around the resturant, playing with the kids. But I felt a few of them glare at me as I working and not really bother to come up and talk with me. After I finished, I returned the walkie and moniter back to Mike then left to go back to the main area only to run into Chica along the way. "Hey Chica. Got a minute?" I asked her as I took her hand and teleported us to the parts and service room. I used my magic to mess with the camera to replay an empty room with the time changing to match the currnet time so is to not raise questions and blanked this room from Goldie's reach and sight so that way no one would intrude.

"What the? Avery?" Chica asked as I slowly walked towards her like the very well acted fake predator I am, ready to strike at it's prey who was now backing up against a wall which in her case was a very bad move but was very good for mine. I placed my hands on the wall either side of her, blocking any escape. "Let's chat Chica. That's all I want to do. And don't go thinking anyone well come. Anyone who enters here well only see an empty room and well not hear or feel us here should they walk into us. It's just you and me, my little prey." I said with a devil like smile.

(Wow bird fans, Avery sure is a very good actress and playing her own little game, but well it help her against her growing confusion as to how she is starting to feel towards her 'prey' Chica? And poor Chica. Caught in a situation that she can't escape from unless her 'perdator' Avery let's her go from. Tell me bird fans how you think this little interaction between the two well happen. I already have ideas as to what I'm going to write but I still would like to hear what you all think well happen. Looking forward to it bird fans. Sage out.)

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