chapter 5

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chapter 5: a remote controlled block of ice

ireland: 2 days 19 hours 5 minutes 'till demolition

"Hey! Over here!"

"Personally, I don't think we'll reach Dublin alive if we go with them."

"Well atleast we'll reach Dublin. Also, the place has nice soil for you to be buried in."

"This is not the place I wan—"

"Hey! People, look at us!"

"Step aside amateur, I'll handle them."

"Tony...what are you doing?"

"Waving my money."

"I don't think that'll wor—"

"Well...I agree to disagree, they're slowing down."

"Hello, how may we help you?"

"Hi! You see, our car kinda broke down and we were just hopping if you guys could give us a ride to Dublin."

"Well that's funny, we're going there too."


"Yeah, and since you're an attractive bunch, we'll gladly do it for free."

"Spew more lies and I'll destroy you."

"Mr. Ambrose!"

"Hey! Listen here pun—"

"You don't want to finish that sentence."

"Wait a that? Are you?"

"Mister Rikkard Ambrose. Yes, I am on a business trip with these people here. That attractive woman is Lillian Linton. The old geezer butler, Antonio. I command you to take us to Dublin. Preferably under an hour would suffice. I want total silence inside the vehicle, no songs shall be played. I don't care if your driving reaches the speed limit. Just take us to Dublin."

"Y-yes sir."

"You're not my employe, call me Mr. Ambrose."

"Yes, Mr. Ambrose. We'll just get your bags and put it at the back?"




"Yes! They will! I'm so tired, my arms are about to fall out. Let them carry our bags, Mr. Ambrose."

"Don't worry, we'll handle your bags with care, Mr. Ambrose."

"You have an unattractive face, stop pouting, Phsychowitz,"

"But it's working, right?"

"No but okay, fine. Get our bags."

"Just hand them over here. Okay, now your secretary's and lastly...your butler's."

"Well, are you going to let us—"

"Dude! Go hit the gas hard!"


"Well...I have no words."

"Goddammit! My proposal is in there!"


"I hate to say I told you so, children. But I'm gonna say it: I told you so."

"You didn't even say anything except yell out 'Burittos!'"

"It was my code for be careful those people are thieves."

"You know we could have avoided this if it weren't for—"

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