Nowhere. Lost in the time. It's cold, very cold. It's white all around, but not only white. A red wake colours the snow among the trees arriving to a cave. From inside loud laments breaks the silence. Near the entrance dead animal bodies seem to talk about hunger and terror.

Middle Ages, Europe is devastated by the war between men and night creatures: the vampires. Creatures of the Hell, thirsty of blood, always more numerous are bringing death as the apocalypse. At the other side, between humans, those who justify them as punishments for a world full of sins, lost in immoral wishes and earthly pleasures, but also some that bravery fight to protect the human world and its offspring, in a world that seem to not have a tomorrow. And at the end the very poor people, left to the vampire's hunger and forgotten by the "higher classes" that cant or dont want to protect them. No hopes for these people, they are the "Convicted".

Somewhere in Norway, on an unspecified year, some women of the Convicted are preparing the last food reserves for the winter that the little population will spend hidden in little fortresses made by stone, hoping to survive from the strong cold and especially from the vampires.

Kaimi, a young orphan, is sitting silently, observing the workers near him. Next to him, the strong waves of the cold sea seem to shout a warning for something bad close to happen: vampires again. From his eyes, he can only watch them attacking his people. Strangely he feels like pleasure, but the fear is bigger and the instinct to escape wins, as always.

"I'll survive this time too!" he repeats within, while running away hoping to not be seen, but at this time something goes wrong: the stones where he is running suddenly get broken under his feet making him fall down to the cold sea. Clinging on some pieces of woods, quickly the waves take him away far from the coast, in the sea's mercy.

Nowhere. Lost in the time. It's cold, very cold. It's white all around. An arctic fox is hunting when suddenly a white ray hit it killing instantly. From behind a tree a big form giggles: "lunch is ready". Catching the fox from its tail, a big man drags it to a cave, leaving a red wake on the snow. His skin is white, his eyes are red, and his teeth don't hide his BLOOD OBSESSION...


Blood Obsession

Emilie Darke

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Good start Blood O


Ah, the night is calling. And it whispers to me, softly, come and play.


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I rarely felt the cold unless it was my soul. I walked alone for most of my vampiric life. Feeding on animals and staying away from humans. I could smell there rich blood and I craved, but ran from it. I was one of the lost, and no one sought to find me. Abandon by my sire and left to fend for myself, survival was my only thought.

Another vampire was close, I could sense him. Most were not exactly welcoming but it was close to dawn. I had no choice but to ask for shelter for the night. Usually I would give a gift but there was little time as I drew closer to the cave. Would this be my last night in this world? I prepared myself for the worst, my hand straying to my side to touch my dagger.

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