|Killgrave| "How Long After I Left Did You Stop Loving Me?" {Part One Of Two}

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"Jessica! Concentrate on me. If you want to defeat that son of a bitch, then you've got to work for it."

"Y/N You know full damn well I'm not as strong as you. Don't you want to get rid of him as well?"

"You have to be, and I don't want anything to do with him again... Come on!"

Jessica sighed and braced herself, raising her fists above her chest, before punching the leather pads on Y/N's palms.

The doorbell sounded causing Jessica to stop. Y/N turned on her heel and swiftly moved towards the door, opening it.

"Oh hey, Patsy."

"Hey Y/N is Jess here?"

"Yeah come on in."

The H/C walked back into the living room where Jessica removed the boxing gloves over her fists. Y/N noticed the red scratches along the skin of Jessica's knuckles and sighed.

"There are gloves for a reason Jessica. It's better to punch a wall with them than your skin. Here." She sighed.

Jessica rolled her eyes and walked over, Y/N took some bandages from a cupboard and began to wrap the cloth around Jessica's knuckles.

"There's a cafe just down the block; I need to talk to you about a possible client."

Y/N sighed and nodded. "Meet you in five; I've gotta drop of Adalaine."

"Got it, bring cash!" Patsy yelled before walking out the house.

The H/C nodded at Jessica and grabbed her keys, she walked into another bedroom and smiled before taking her daughter in her arms, bouncing her slightly before walking out the house with Jess.

--- Cafe ---

After dropping her daughter off at a small day care, the three met at the cafe to discuss what Patsy wanted to talk about at the house.

"Why didn't they just come straight to Me?" Jessica muttered.

Patsy shrugged and turned to Y/N.

"They asked for you as well... That's why I think we should take this up."

"What? Did they ask for Y/N? We have no connections with each other that the public knows of."

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