Chapter 7: My Champion

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I pulled into our ranch and parked in the gravel along the side of our house. One of our trucks was gone, Momma and Daddy were off running errands somewhere. Probably picking up feed.

I hopped out and walked up the creaky, old steps to the screen front door. Sugar and Cinnamon were laying in their huge dog houses further down the porch. They both were Australian Shepard mixes. Cinnamon popped his head out the hole, peered at me, and turned around back inside to his house.

I snorted. At least Cinnamon acknowledged me, Sugar didn't even care. She was older and mean, but she made a great dog to keep strangers and bears from coming near the house.

I walked through the house and up the wooden stairs into my room. Plopping my bag on the floor near the end of my bed I took out my phone and checked the time.

12:11 p.m

Lord it was so nice to be able to get out early. I sighed and decided to change into some normal clothes.

I leaned against my closet door and surveyed the clothes deciding what would give me the maximum amount of comfort for the rest of the day.

I picked a tan tank top and some old levi's that fit like a glove. I slide my hand tooled leather belt on that had my Barrel Racing belt buckle, that I won last summer at regionals. I put on my tall socks and threw on my tony llama boots that had pink crosses on them. I grabbed my hair up into a messy bun, and checked myself out in the mirror.

"Okay, this is what I should've worn." I said surprised. It's like when I don't try I actually look better than when I do try. I angrily snatched my makeup wipes that were on my dresser and wiped off all the makeup I had on, beside the mascara.

"Muchhhh better," I sighed in relief. I totally felt like myself again.

Sliding my phone in my back pocket I made my way back down into the kitchen.

It was time for a little snack. I grabbed an apple from the bowl off the center island and coasted through the front door once again. I walked past the trucks parked on the side of the house and into our barn.

The barn was filled up halfway in staggering stacks of hay and straw. I had so many memories from our old barn that this one didn't feel quit homely. I walked to the closest bale on my right and grabbed a flake of it. On the way out I looked up to the top of the entrance to see our black barn kitty crawling across the wooden lining. Brantley had named her Teri, short for his favorite type of flavor of beef jerky, Teriyaki. Our other cat that we had in here was gray and I had named her Momma Kitty, both of them had traveled with us from Tennessee to here.

I walked out of the barn and over to our Gator that was parked on the side of it. I loaded up the flake of hay in the back and drove over to our stables. Daddy had already done us the favor of feeding for us this morning, due to the fact of it being our first day. He said tomorrow we'll have to go back to waking up early and doing our normal morning feed. I parked the Gator along the outside of the stables and walked in.

I strolled past the other horses to my favorite horse in the world, and slipped the flake into his stall.


Gunsmoke's my brazen gelding, 7 year old Barrel Racing Champion. He's gorgeous, solid black and with a white sock just on his back right leg. Shoot, he was so pretty he could honestly pass as a halter horse. He was a lot to handle when I first got him as a stallion. After I had finally gotten him trained we stuck like glue. We both had the heart and will of a spirit that could never be broken. Occasionally butting heads, we've both been through thick and thin, we're inseparable.

His stuck his muzzle out and bucked his head when he saw me. I giggled and stroked his head, making sure to scratch under his ears. He whinned and dropped his head down to the flake and started to munch on the flavorful hay.

My phone started to buzz in my back pocket and I realized it was Codi, wanting to FaceTime.

I smiled and slide the answer button. Her face popped on the screen

"HEY GIRLL" She grinned into the phone.

I waved, "Hey Cods what's up?"

"Nothing much, hey I was wondering if you wanted to go grab something to eat. I would've asked you back at school but I needed to feed the horses."

"Oh yeah sure! I'm hungry too." I said.

"Yay!! Okay, how about Gringo's?" I saw her grabbing her keys and walking out a door.

"We have a GRINGOS here?!" I shouted. I patted Gunsmoke's head and sprinted out the barn and hopped on the Gator.

"Hell yes, of course we do!" She jumped into her Jeep and started pulling out of a driveway.

I had made it to my truck and ran inside to grab my keys to the Ram. "Dude I haven't had that in forever. Where's it at?"

"I'll send you the directions! It's actually really close to the fed store I go to." I saw her type in something on her phone.

I concentrated on turning the truck on and pulling out onto our dirt road. My phone dinged and I pulled up the directions to Gringo's. "Omg this is right next to our fed store! I think we go to the same one. Shopper's right? " I laughed.

"Yes! No way, I lovvve Shopper's, even though they sell fed, they have the cutest shirts in their clothes section." She popped on her blinker.

"Tell me about it, I love it there." I fangirled along with her.

"Okay, I'll see you there!" Codi shouted into the phone.

I waved and ended the call with Codi's face formed in the goofiest way possible.


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