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"William, please just get in the car!" Jason begs, William shakes his head defiantly. Jason, the oldest of the Siska children is irresponsible, at least that's what William thinks.

"I saw you crash a go-Kart at The Race Factory that one time! This is a real car Jason, I could die!" William exclaimed, the neighbors were looking at William, but William could care less. William is always scared.

"I was 14 William! I'm 18 now! Just get in the car, I want some coleslaw!" Jason said opening the car door for William to get in. William rolled his eyes in defeat while getting into the front seat. Jason has long surfer hair, William's never liked it.

Jason puts his hair in a bun and wears a shark tooth necklace. Jason is going to college in Florida soon, William's gonna miss him. William has known Jason and Sisky his whole life, when Jason found out William's family was having trouble he kept it to himself, no matter how many times Sisky said "PLEASE!!!!" Jason would not tell a soul. Maybe that's just because William had been there for Jason and Jason didn't want William telling people.

"Where'd you get that purple jacket at?" Jason asks, William's eyes go big realizing he still has it on. "My friend, um gave it to me, I-I sisky locked me out of his car." William looks out of the window as Jason backs out of the driveway.

"That's nice of him," Jason says, "I mean you shouldn't really be wearing a skin-tight shirt in January." He trails off sounding like his mom.


The deil's inside was white walls. They had a star of David hanging from the ceiling. The meats were put on display, showcasing to the customers. Jason looked around the deli, nobody was behind the desk to cut them meats, and get sandwiches. People were in the deli, eating their challah bread with slices of beef in them. Jason rings the bell, and William laughs because who has a fucking bell in this day in age.

"William shut up!" Jason says slapping William's arm. People are looking at the two, and it's not hard to notice, who's laughing. William has gotten all red faced over a bell, and Jason has been to shitter places, he's just confused.

"Are the Siska boys here?" Gabe says coming out from the back kitchen, knowing what Jason's voice sounds like, working there for one year Mrs.Siska comes in all the time to get meat. William stays to Jason's side, trying to be invisible, but William is taller than Jason, so it doesn't work.

"William," Gabe says leaning against the glass case to talk to William. "How's the hoodie holding up?" He puts his hand on his chin and elbow on the table. Smiling down at the boy, while Jason is talking to Ryland about what he needs to order.

"It's okay, very.....purple I guess?" William awkwardly says, Gabe, rolls his eyes.

"Purple looks good on you, angel," Gabe says. William goes to where Gabe is, leaning against the deli table, making both Jason and Ryland feel weird. Gabe smirked as he and William are almost the same height, almost.

"Can't you just give me potato latkes so I can be done with this." (A/N MOOD) William rolls his eyes right in front of Gabe, making Jason laugh till he really couldn't breathe.

"Yeah sure angel." Gabe gives him three potato latkes, making William just a little smug.


Mr.Siska loves his family and hates working. Mr.Siska has a job as an accountant, sometimes he wishes he could just quit it all. Seeing the outside of the house makes him smile, and the scene is already set for dinner. Money isn't an issue to the Siska's, but you need extra money sometimes.

The dining room contained Mrs.Siska's prized possession, also known as a big oak brown table. Everything was perfect, William and Jason had gotten back from the deli. Mr.Siska went to unpack, while the others waited.

"William," Mrs.Siska piped up, "Where'd you get that jacket from?" she sends a curious glance to him, while Sisky and Jason share a look. William doesn't answer her, she turns to her sons.

"Is there something I'm missing?" Her voice is stern, almost scary. Adam shakes his head, while Jason just smiles. "That Gabriel kid at the deli has a strong liking to William."

"He just gave me it because I was waiting outside." William scoffs

Mrs.Siska gives William a smile, "Why were you out in the cold?" Mrs.Siska asks.

"I don't know, hey Sisky, why was I out in the cold?" William raises his eyebrow as he looks at Sisky with the 'good fucking luck' look.

"I-I" Sisky starts to say, but Mr.Siska comes down the stairs. He sits down at the head of the table, stopping conversations. Everybody grabs what they want to eat, Jason gets all the coleslaw.

"Jason, you ready for college?" He asks, Jason nods "Yeah, Florida seems better than Jersey." Jason says, before downing a spoon of coleslaw.

William smiles, William has never had a "normal" dinner with his family. The Beckett's were poor to put it shortly, and William had made peace with that a long time ago. Nobody had ever paid attention to William. It was only him and his parents, but his parents only wanted to work. William has never seen his parents in the same room and not have some sort of tension.

"William, I talked to your dad last night." Mr.Siska said laughing, "He's a busy man, he wanted me to tell you to check your email." Mr.Siska said. William nodded and didn't say anything for the rest of dinner.


"William, what the actual fuck?!" Sisky says going to William's room in the basement.

William rolled his eyes, "She didn't find out Sisky so be quiet." William says,

"Why would she even care if you're dating Lindsay in the first place! She's nice and your mom will probably like her!" He yells.

"Whatever Beckett, you should cut your hair," Sisky says like he would say to Jason,

William gets off his bed while rolling his eyes in the process,"Adam, can you just leave me alone?" William pleads.

"William, can you just take that hoodie off?" Sisky mocks William adding a high tone of voice.

"Fuck off, It smells nice, okay!"

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