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The man stood in the back of the truck and watched, without emotion, as the body awkwardly rolled out of the truck bed and flopped onto the ground. He jumped down, following the body out, and gave it another hard kick with the toe of his boot sending it over the sharp edge of the cliff.

The blackness of his clothing matched the darkness of the night. An ugly twist settled on his mouth as he wondered why he had bothered trying to be inconspicuous. Everyone in this town was so dense, he could have lined them up for the show, and they still wouldn't have known what was going on.

He walked to the ledge and stood, looking down on the open ocean below, the bright moon now illuminating both him and the water. His face was calm, though interested as he watched the body bounce against the rocky cliff here and there, disturbing the soil, where it hit.

Small rocks and stones fell along with the body, some going ahead of it and some pelting it as they fell. At last, the body hit the water making what seemed like a small splash from this great height. It took a moment to resurface, but then immediately started to move with the rhythm of the water as the tide made its way out to the deeper, darker ocean.

The man turned and closed the tailgate of the black truck, pulling on it once to make sure it was secure before he got in the driver's side. Once inside, he pulled at the rear-view mirror, aligning it so he could make sure his dark hair was still in place. It was windy along the sea today, and he didn't want to appear tousled when he arrived at home.

Then he put the truck in gear and carefully drove it down the walking path. Though it had not been made for a vehicle, it was broad enough for one, and the man had always considered it the best way to dispose of the bodies.

I would have liked more time with this one. I feel like I was finally onto something, something that could help humankind. No matter how much I try, I can't find what I need.

His jaw tightened, and his lip curled. Abominations are what he called them, and he hated them. His disgust for their kind ran deep, and he was sure that any atrocities he committed against them were not only acceptable but also justified.

After all, they're not human; even they don't deny that. If just one of them would admit they were...but no, they believe they are better than us, stronger than us, smarter than us.

His breath became raspy as his hands tightened in anger, his knuckles whitening on the steering wheel as he remembered their arrogance. He'd worked his whole life to show them who the superior species was, and yet, they were moronic enough, they still didn't grasp the situation.

How many bodies does it take?

Each body was a message, a warning for the rest of their kind. A message that said, we are still here and we are coming for you.

He imagined them finding this one. By the time it would reach them, he wondered how much would be left and if they would recognize who it was. He hoped so. He hoped the tattoo was still intact when it got there.

He further hardened his jaw, his teeth grinding. He wanted them to know.

His emotions steadied as he drove onto the road and reached into his pocket for a list of groceries his wife had given him that morning. He held the note up and scanned it as he drove, recognizing the items as the ingredients in his favorite dinner, and his stomach growled as if anxious for his first taste of it.

His wife often did small things to make his life easier and more enjoyable, and he appreciated her efforts. He did his best to make sure she understood just how grateful he was that she even tried, so many wives didn't anymore.

Yes, he thought, I always make sure she knows just how much I appreciate her. Whether she likes it or not.

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