Chapter 5 - A Rescue Attempt

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Chapter 5

A Rescue Attempt

Her whole body ached.

With slow, uncoordinated movements, she moved her head up off the cold, hard floor and surveyed her surroundings.

A series of plug sockets around the room suggested that this space was original meant to have been an office – as opposed to a prison. It currently only contained a solitary cushion and a thin mattress with a blanket. There were no windows and only a solitary door provided any exit or entrance.

Cassie gingerly moved herself from her current position to the mattress – her bum was getting cold. The room was freezing and she pulled the thin blanket around her. Looking around, she quickly realised that there was pleasantly no one else in the room.

Looking around her, there was no way of telling how long it had been since the in-flight meal. While staring at the useless door before her, she began to wonder whether Mohammed had gone home and told everyone that she had arrived safely. Maybe it was Thursday already and she had already missed a day of work... Cassie groaned.

Her stomach began to cramp with an in-build method of self-punishment for not eating on time.

Two men entered the room, disturbing her self-pity party. They were smartly dressed and seemed to examine her as if she were a rare species of animal.

"So this is what he's chasing..." commented the slightly taller of the two.

"How does it feel to know you own cousin his sold you out?" This was directed at her.

"What do you want with me?" Cassie was attempting to sound bored.

"Your friend Novel is the only member of the team who is still alive that disrupted a very profitable business arrangement we had. We have still become very rich, but it did disrupt our retirement plans."

"What were you doing?" her curiosity getting the better of her.

"Replica designer goods – lots of profit margin... The plan worked anyway, when you didn't show up for work, your boss got on a plane."

When Cassie did not respond, the room fell into relative silence. That was interrupted by a series of loud footsteps behind the door.

The door burst open with a bang. Cassie shrank back from the door to the room as Novel's form was dumped on the metal flooring. She quickly realised that he must have been sedated.

Cassie sighed after the group left the room, Novel's rescue plan was currently not looking particularly successful.

After somehow manging to drag her boss on the mattress, she pulled the blanket around her (now aching) shoulders. About an hour later, Novel started to slowly blink back into consciousness.

"How did you find me?" She asked bluntly, feeling a bit let down.

"It wasn't difficult," explained Novel.

Her initial reply was a sharp glare before she continued, "so how do you plan on getting us out now you've managed to get yourself caught?"

Her new companion was saved from replying when the door to the room swung open. A large man in a suit walked slowly, but purposefully, into the room – his beady eyes staring directly in Cassie's direction. Looking into his eyes, she feel the calculative look burning through her skull.

She didn't have time to react when he grabbed her arm and pulled her over to him. Her arms were pulled behind her by one hand and his other arm pulled tightly around her neck.

"Let go of her," growled Novel, who was now struggling to get up.

"My dear Inspector, it doesn't feel good to be held captive does it? It's fun to give you a taste of your own medicine. The last time I saw you was when you raided my apartment in the early hours of the morning."

Cassie watched as Novel's eyes widened in realisation.

"You broke the law and I fixed it. Seeing you again was not one of my life goals."

If she hadn't been being held in such an awkward position, Cassie would have rolled her eyes. Novel was being ridiculously unhelpful.

She started coughing as the arm began to pull tighter around her neck. The hand around her neck suddenly released her neck and covered her mouth instead.

Cassie felt his warm breath on her ear, "Calm down sweetie, I don't want to have to harm you..."

She instantly stilled, understanding the potential implications.

"I wouldn't do anything," Novel growled, his gaze becoming more intense.

In response there was an almost maniacal grin, staring intensely into Novel's eyes as he gave Cassie's bum a squeeze.

The room almost seemed to freeze for a few long seconds.

This silence was suddenly broken by a sudden series of shouts and smashing glass that seemed to echo around the floor above. Within minutes, there was a team of armed police officers entering the room – all aiming their weapons at the man holding Cassie.

"Sir, I need you to let her go," barked a police office – his gun aimed steadily for the man's head.

Another moved over and pressed his gun into his back. This had the beneficial effect of Cassie being let go – he had realised that this particular game was up.

She quickly moved over to Novel, who was currently being looked over by a medic now that the man was being secured in handcuffs.

"Are you ok?" she whispered.

"I will be, but I need to give my mother a quick phone."

Within hours they were both on a plane back to England. It was a chance for them both to start processing what has happened to them over the past few days.

The seatbelt sign had come on with a ding above them when Cassie finally plucked up the courage to turn to Novel.

"I don't want to go back to the flat on my own."

The man, who had been sitting silently in his seat for most of the flight, now turned to face her.

"I really can't go back Novel."

There was a long silence.

"What if I moved into your spare room? My mother's been hinting that I should move out for years, so you'd be doing me a favour really."

She paused, almost in an odd state of shock that he had offered.

"What would be absolutely fine, we'd need to clear my crap out of it. But that would be great – thanks."

The pair then settled into silence for the remainder of the journey. 

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