= Chapter 32 =

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"I've been always afraid of losing people I love. I wonder if there is anyone out there afraid to lose me."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Is it ever possible to feel that something is so wrong yet so right? My lips were on the person I called my best friend. The person I used to trust.

I was kissing a person who I definitely have feelings for, despite the secrets I knew he was hiding from me. I should be pushing him away roughly, or even confronting him about the ablum.

But no, I pull him closer by his neck —deepening the kiss. Kissing me with so much feeling, he brought back the memories of the previous night.

I confirmed my decision that night— I had no one I could trust in this haunting neighborhood.

It was only me, myself and I.

When I first came here, I thought I was the only one with a bag of secrets but I was so wrong. Each of us hide secrets which I knew was somehow linked to the kidnapping.

However, I wasn't going to avoid Dante because of this. Instead, I will pretend as if nothing ever happened in order to find out more about his album.

It was my only chance.

A whiff of rose scent crossed my senses, causing me to smile against his lips. How could he have not noticed that he had sprayed a women's perfume?

"Damn that ass, Valentino!" Jordon whistled across the hallway which interrupted our tiny make out session. Heat rose to my cheeks the moment I noticed that everyone was watching us.

Turning around towards Jordan, Dante looked as if he was close to disfiguring Jordan's face. My eyes landed on the prominent tear right straight up Dante's jeans. I finally comprehended what Jordan's comment meant.

Holding back my laughter, Willow bursted out into a laughing fit before falling giddily onto the floor. Unable to contain my laughter, I fell to the floor laughing hyterically.

"Y-your p-pants!!" Willow said in between her giggles. Dante's hand flew to the back of his pants, and the whole student body begin to laugh.

"Nice perfume too bro, definitely turning me on." Jordon winked at him seductively.

Dante glared at me, mouthing 'you're dead' . However, it didn't affect me cause all I wanted to see was how Dante was going to handle the embarrassment he was having right now.

Clearing his throat, his cheeks were tinted a light shade of red.

"Erm...haven't you guys heard of the new fashion trend?" Dante coughed out with as much confidence as possible.

The entire student body became silent, curiosity clearly seen.

"It's called the upward drawn up rip, it's the latest craze seriously. " he said casually, flaunting his tear shamelessly.

As if anyone is ever going to believe that crap, I thought with a chuckle.

"OMG I want that too!!" Jordon shouted out, followed by another girl...

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