Rusty James. (Request).

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You and Rusty had been best friends ever since you were a little kid

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You and Rusty had been best friends ever since you were a little kid.  You always felt a special way about him, and always wanted him to speak up about it and say something, but after a while.  You got tired of waiting. 

"Rusty, this is my boyfriend Connor."  (Just used a random name).  You said, directing to the tall blonde boy standing next to you. 

He looked like he had just been struck by lightening.    As you said.  You were tired of waiting for him to come around, even though all the feelings were still there. 

"Uh, hi. Nice to meet you Connor."  He reached out to shake hands with your boyfriend.  You tried to hold back laughter, as you knew that Rusty was not happy with your choice.  Connor shook hands with Rusty and resumed his position. 

"Connor, be nice to Y/N. I'll hurt you if you do anything to her. Sleep with one eye open pal."  Rusty smirked.  You hit his arm, hit it hard. 

"Rusty. Be nice." 

He rolled his eyes and smiled at you goodbye. 

You'd get him someday.


I'm sorry this one's short.  I don't really know who this is, and I tried to make it as good as I could:) 

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