Mickey Rourke. (Request).

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You were going to a one on one dinner with your best friend Mickey

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You were going to a one on one dinner with your best friend Mickey.  It wasn't a date, because you two were on only friends, but you always kind of liked him in a different way.  You loved him.  You wanted him.  You needed him. 
You waited at the designated restaurant for what seemed like ages, before Mickey showed up.  You really though that he had forgotten about your dinner and was leaving you stranded, all alone. 

"Hey Y/N."  He smiled.  You lightly smiled back at him, before the waiter took you to your table.  "You know, I thought your forgot about our little pretend date."  You whispered, sitting down.  His face dropped and you realized you'd hurt his feelings.  "Y/N, I would never forget. We're friends aren't we? Friends don't do that to each other."  You nodded and smiled at his remark. 

He had a small daisy in his hand that looked like he had picked it from the front of the restaurant, but you never really knew with him.  He was a good guy, and you really admired your friendship with him. 
You ordered your meal and started to eat, but Mickey just sat there shifting in his seat. 

"Is there something wrong?"  You asked him.  He puffed his cheeks, and let a bit of air through his mouth. 

"Listen Y/N, can I tell you something?"  Oh great.  You thought.  He doesn't want to be friends anymore because he's got more important things to worry about. 

You nodded your head, taking a small sip of your drink. 

"I know I probably should've said something sooner, and I know you might laugh at me when I tell you this, but I really like you. Like, really like you. I don't-, I want you to be my girlfriend. Is that okay?"  He didn't want to look at you straight in the eye, but you couldn't help but smirk at him.  God he's a adorable. 

"I'm glad you feel that way."  You said.  His eyes lifted up to meet yours.  "You are?"  You nodded. 

"I love you too."  You smiled.


This one was a request, and I'm sorry if it wasn't good. I'm not too familiar with Mickey Rourke so I tried my best:)

If anyone wants an Imagine, please request one.  I'd be happy to do one for you:)

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