10. A friend!

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At every stage of your life..
You need a friend..

That friend..
You never wanna share..
with anyone else..

That friend..
Who's always..
by your side..

That friend..
You never wanna..
give up with..

That friend..
Who's laughs are..
mixed in your blood..

That friend..
Who never judged you..
Although everyone else do..

That friend..
With whom you..
never felt lost..

That friend..
You're in love with..


This love isn't the one..
that binds your soul..
and eats you up from inside..

It's the pure..
love of friendship..

And you need it..
At every stage of your life..

I know..
We need it..!


Dedicated to my friend.. anika-upadhayay This is your birthday gift Anu.. i know it's late but i do have a reason, i broke my android the same day your b'day was. 😜 I hope you weren't planning to kill me..😂 Really sorry. Happy Birthday..my heartling and also wish your bro. from my side. ❤ God bless you both. 😘

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