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"okay," hyemi breathed. "i can do this." she entered the library, with books hand in hand and shuffled to the nearest vacant seat. hyemi had to work on a research, alone, unfortunately. she always took the responsibility on these sorts of requirements and wonders why she agrees doing them in the first place. she doesn't suppose herself as smart either.

refusing to argue with herself, she sighed and went to search on the shelves. "what do i need?" she huffed. "maybe i can ask for help?" her eyes scanned the unfamiliar ambiance, considering she never really went to libraries. she would just go on her internet to search, but for this project, she wasn't allowed to do so for reliability.

she gulped, slightly reaching out to someone who passed by but quickly taking it back, feeling quite stupid. she decided to search on her own instead of being a disturbance to anyone.

she ended up searching in the non—fiction section, her least favorite category. she reluctantly went through the books when someone stood next to her, putting her to a halt. she looked up to see a boy towering over her by how many inches. his features made her eyes widen in awe and adoration. he wore a black turtle neck, light blue ripped jeans and gold specs to match. his brown hair was slightly ruffled and parted in the middle, giving him a studious look.

he stared down at hyemi, with no emotion or whatsoever. she gave him a slight simper but received no reaction or form of communication. he simply averted his gaze to the books and ran his fingers across the access codes.

'how cold', hyemi frowned. she proceeded to look for what she needed and realized it was located on the very top of the shelf. she tiptoed, struggling to reach the book. "um, excuse me, can you reach that book for me?" she asked hesitantly, hoping he would do the favor.

her heart skipped a beat the moment he locked eyes with her. it was a reticent contact but hyemi tensed up. he hummed in response, remaining deadpanned. hyemi smiled nervously, "um, i'd like to get that book about chemistry?"

he effortlessly pulled out the book from the top shelf and browsed through the pages. he seemed to have keen interest in the topics and kept his eyes on it for a while.

once he was finished, he closed the book and handed it over. his hand slightly brushed against hyemi's and it left her flustered on the spot. "t—thank you."

his pair of adidas shoes squeaked on the floor as he paced away, not saying anything. he did notice her flushed cheeks and smirked to himself, finding it adorable.

hyemi bonked her head on the shelf, feeling embarrassed. she never really talked to guys, let alone ask them favors. she also found him quite attractive and she couldn't deny it. she reluctantly sighed and sunk into the seat she saved earlier.

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