Chapter 8

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I will be doing my best to try and keep some things as canon as possible when it comes to story time. If I'm wrong about something, please let me know. I will do my best to change it so everything makes sense. It's been a little while since I read that part of the manga. (ALSO SPOILERS TO MAGI)


"Aer, what are people called that live forever?"

"Immortal." Aer had tucked (Y/N) in one of the beds as she was answering a few questions. "Why do you ask such a question?"

"Well, I was curious about how old you were."

"Do you really want to know?"


"I'm over 10,000 years old. I'm older than the world we're existing in right now."


"It's a very long story. You probably won't be able to stay awake for it if I told you."

"Come on~! Just a little bit of it!" Aer looked into (Y/N)'s large eyes as the child gave her a puppy dog face, making the elemental sigh and wave her hand a bit in front of (Y/N), causing a small, empty sphere to appear in front of (Y/N)'s eyes.

"If you must know, then I will start at the beginning. My birth." The empty sphere slowly started to glow as the opening slowly revealed a woman that had hair as dark as the night sky stared at the blank sky and sighed, raising her hand open palmed and slowly brought it down. A bit of time passed by, then the woman smiled and held out her arms towards what seemed like a falling star. As the star came closer, (Y/N) started to see the star form into a baby that had the same pale hair as Aer, and the woman turned her back towards the sky that was slowly starting to light up with stars.

"You being born brought the stars?"

"Yes. I was the first elemental that Mother summoned. After me, she started summoning other elementals."

"My momma told me a story about a lady that basically created different parts of the planet by calling on the elements. Is that true?"

"Somewhat. They wrote the story as if she was a Magician, but she wasn't. She was a goddess. All of her children believed in her. Until she met him." The sphere showed the dark haired woman talking to a man with long, wavy brown hair and white robes as they both grinned darkly while looking towards (Y/N). The little girl shivers as she looks up to Aer, a bit scared.

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