Chapter one

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<Chapter one: A very bad day>

" Raven! Sit down now!"

I rolled my eyes at my math teacher as she yelled at me to sit down, I had already managed to make it outside the classroom. I laughed when she used a dumb threat to get me back into the classroom. ' idiot, she has to be better then that to scare me! I'm gonna call your parents and blah blah' I rolled my eyes again, I seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

In all honesty I gave up on this hell hole a long time ago, it's only now that I realised how stupid it would be to stay. Sure mum and dad wouldn't be happy, but they need to understand that this place does nothing for me.

This is how all my days at this high school went. I got into a fight, leave the class, walk home and rant about how stupid everyone is there. ' I swear, no one is actually able to teach at that dumb place. It's like the teachers only teach for the money, they don't care about education.'

This was the last straw though, I was done. ' I'll drop out and I don't care who doesn't like it!', as much as it hurt to see my parents sad, I just knew I couldn't be in that school anymore.

As I entered the house it was more quiet then usual, there was ether a tv on or I could hear my mother singing to herself. Walking into the lounge room I saw no one. I walked all around the place calling out. ' great... no ones home'

I sat down in my room with a huff. ' I can't wait to drop out of school, I will finally be free from the devils and the horny jerks of school. Oh I can't forget about the grumpy old farts.'

I closed my eyes drifting off to sleep, at least there I couldn't be annoyed by reality

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