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I hope you enjoyed Dead Skies.

Originally, Dead Ice was stand alone. I thought it had a good, if bleak, ending. But as enough time passed, I began to wonder what became of Laura. On top of that, it really felt like she was closer to a protagonist than Marshall was.

I had written a fan fiction for Halo awhile back, and although it wasn't a very good one, I did like the premise at least. So I took it and reworked it and it became the origin of Mike's story and the basis for Dead Skies.

Honestly, I don't really have too much to say about this one. I wrote it right after wrapping up Countdown, which was the end of the first Shadow Wars series, in July of 2015. I also intended this one to be the end. But I had a few more ideas, so I tweaked the original ending, which was very similar to this one, but saw the two of them being forced to leave the planet, as Turner had already programmed the ship to do so.

I wrote this in a weird but cool but also uncomfortable environment. I wrote the bulk of it in Colorado, at a fairly isolated town pretty high up in terms of altitude, at a family gathering on my wife's side. (I actually had a great time.) It's absolutely beautiful there. There's mountains and forests everywhere and looking out the window feels like looking out onto freaking Skyrim.

On the other hand, I literally couldn't walk, walk, twenty feet without getting seriously out of breath. To give you a frame of reference, Columbia, MO, where I live, is at 758 feet elevation. The place where I was is fucking at 8,468 feet elevation. On top of that, I have a minor medical condition that fucks with my lungs sometimes.

So that part sucked.

But anyway, yeah. That's about it. If anyone ever has questions, feel free to ask. I'm happy to answer what I can.

On to Dead Rain!


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