Chapter 14

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"If it was that easy, I could've done that long time ago."

I had a lot of responsibilities aside from working with the Sloans. I have Stephon, and there also my upcoming wedding this year.  I started working for the Sloans at twenty as an intern while I was still in undergrad school. Now, I was already thirty-two.

"Rafe never mentioned a twin brother," I said as I stare at the picture.

"My parents never want anyone to know that I exist. I asked them that I didn't want it, too. They just didn't have a choice but to send me back to the world. It's painful for my mother to remember that she lost one of her sons. Elizabeth was only three. She was the youngest by then so she wouldn't remember that she actually has two older brothers. I was eight when they lost me."

"Still... Mr. and Mrs. Sloan should have told them, right? How did your mother find you?"

He sighed, "I don't want to talk about this actually, it's giving me a headache whenever I think about my past and I get nothing."

"Sorry," I mumbled, ducking my head.

"It's okay. Well, I'll just have to say good luck to both of us." he glanced at his wristwatch. "We still have few minutes. I'll give you time to yourself."

"Yes, I'll just have to get the things I need before the meeting. I already asked someone to prepare the boardroom."

"I'm counting on you." He looked at me just like the way Rafael did. I wasn't sure if I could take this for the next three months.

I swallowed, "Yes, sir."

I went to the washroom first. I washed my face with cold the water and wiped myself with a napkin then I stared at my reflection. All I see was a woman who's still madly in love with her former boss. The feelings I had for Rafael were all coming back when Travis came. His presence reminded me how happy I was when I was still working for his brother. We'd been living under the same roof for more than a week now doing endless works.

I retouched my makeup and then fixed my hair. All I had to do next was to grab my things to my office, step into the boardroom and sit together with Travis while listening to his ridiculous plan. But I trusted him. I believed in him.

Walking back to my office, I noticed that Travis was still inside Rafe's workplace. I stopped for a second then smiled a little as I realized that was slowly getting along. I continued to walk through the hallway. Stepping inside, I sighed as I laid my eyes on I saw the man sitting on my swivel chair browsing some magazine. He was wearing a casual chocolate suit jacket, a black shirt, styled with an oriental designer scarf around his neck.

My gorgeous fiancée.

"Hi!" I almost forgot about Mateo. He wanted to come over Elizabeth's house, but I kept him away. We haven't seen each other for a week and we only talked over the phone.

"Babe," he grinned as he saw me. He stood up and immediately approached me. It wasn't every day I see him in this attire. I realized that I missed him too.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't call or texted you this morning. I was so busy." I said, explaining for myself, which was true. I was very busy with setting the CEO's office and other stuff.

"It's okay. I miss you so much," Mateo lifted up my insides by squeezing me into his arms. I curled my arms around his neck, hugging him back.

"I miss you too, I'm really sorry."

"You are a bad girl; do you know that? You should be punished. I'll take home after the meeting. Stephon will be fine at Elizabeth. I say I want all of you for myself this time. You don't know how much I miss you," he whispered in my ear, then pressed a kiss on my neck.

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