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"h-hi soph." i stuttered out getting up from the couch giving a side glance to finn as i saw his hurt expression. "hi alaska." she said happily as she pulled me into a tight hug.

"hi finn." she said waving at him. "hello." he spoke softly sighing and laying back on the couch running his fingers through his hair.

"hey sophia we're sharing rooms go out your stuff down and then we'll go out and have a girls night." i said smiling at her. she got my hint and looked between finn and i. "alrighty then." she said sending me a reassuring smile.

once i heard the door click shirt i turned to finn. "what were you saying?" i asked sitting down next to him. "forget it." he said harshly looking straight forward.

"finn you can tell me." i said reaching for his hand. he snatched his hand away and glanced at me quickly. "i said nevermind." he growled giving me attitude.

"fuck you finn wolfhard and don't ever try to bring up the 'take me back again i won't ever hurt you' shit because like what you're doing right now. this is why i broke up with you." i snarled getting up and walking away.

maybe i was a little harsh but hey an asshole deserves it. i walked into the room and saw sophia on her phone. she looked up at me and smiled. "did you guys get back together?" she asked. "nope."

"come on lets go." i said grabbing her hand. i walked out into the living room and started walking towards the door. "where are you guys going?" i heard finn say.

i simply walked out the door with sophia behind me giving him the finger.

time skip

after sophia and i got all our face masks and some snacks we made our way back to the hotel. we walked through the door and saw a house full of boys.

"MOM!" i heard a small loud boy yell. "SON!" i yelled back. he ran to me with open arms and we shared a nice hug. i saw finn from behind jack clenching his fists together.

i rolled my eyes and pulled away from jack. "hi guys." i said excitedly as i hugged jaeden then wyatt. "hi alaska." they both said giving me a tight hug each.

"how long have you guys been here?" sophia asked. "forever. you've been gone a long time." finn spat. everyone stared at him not saying anything. "we don't need your attitude wolfhard." i spoke with venom in my voice.

"she's speaking on behalf of diana because if she was here she'd kick your ass for using that time with sophia." wyatt spoke. "true." sophia said smiling widely at the mention of diana.

"cute." i said smiling at sophia as she blushed. "okay come on bye guys." sophia said dragging me into the room.

we walked into our connected bathroom and layer out the many face masks we bought along with some snacks while we're waiting for our face masks to set.

sophia grabbed one first then i did. we put them on and i started my timer for five minutes. i opened up a bag of hot cheetos and grabbed some. i gasped out loud which caused sophia to drop her hot cheeto.

"what? you scared me." she said giggling. "you know what i just realized?" "what?"

"you're wearing a mask for dry skin." i spoke. "yeah and you're wearing one for acne." sophia said sarcasm dripping in her voice as she laughed lightly.

"i mean, i'm sure my face can get wet another way." she spoke examining her face mask in the mirror. "ARE YOU INSISTING EATING DIANA OUT?!" i yelled out alarmingly. 

"i mean maybe, don't be mad cause i can eat out my girlfriend and you're single." sophia said smiling widely. "like diana would let you." i scoffed.

"BUT SHE ALREADY HAS!" sophia yelled. my mouth dropped wide open and i stared at her with wide eyes. "i'm kidding!" she said laughing some more. "or am i?" she said winking after.

"no no i'm definitely kidding." she said giggling some more. "i'm kidding that i'm kidding." she said. "what?" i asked confused. "timers done!" she yelled out quickly.

we both took our face masks off and started feeling our face. "i think my face is softer?" i said examining my face in the mirror.

 "i think my face is softer?" i said examining my face in the mirror

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sophialillis: i miss my princess :(


alaskajoseph: why am i crying in the club rn

user1: yo finnwolfhard where ya at your girl needs some loving give us that cute shit alaskajoseph

dianalocke: i miss you babe, but answer your godamn texts please :)

sophialillis: dianalocke IM SORRY IM GOING RN

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