~Jon | The Marksman~

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-Age 16: Present Day-

The morning had dawned with a numbing cold. Jon found himself wearing his thicker furs and wondering if summer was at its end. Jon dressed and soon eyed the girl in his bed. Her hair was fanned out around her and blended in to the black blankets. Jon smiled as he thought of the events from the night before and sat down next to the girl. Her eyes were moving as she dreamed and they opened slowly as Jon gently rubbed her shoulder to wake her. As she woke up she sighed and looked as though she wanted to kill the bastard for waking her up.

"M'sorry but we both have places we need to be." Jon's sm widened at the aggravated girl.

She could've held her grudge until the day she died, but when she heard his raspy and deep voice that was still layered with sleep she smiled slightly at him and sat up.

"Mmm," she groaned and rubbed her eyes, "What do I have to do today exactly, Snow?"

"You have a sewing session in less than an hour." as he said this her eyes widened and she shot out of his bed.

"Oh yes, because I'm a woman and I've got duties that involve learning how to sew and do my hair and-" she began to panic as she cut herself off from her tangent and briskly walked to the door, "Bloody hell I've got an hour to get ready."

Jon took long strides to her and, before she could open the door, he grabbed her wrists and turned her to face him. "You aren't leaving without saying goodbye, are you?"

Rayne sighed in annoyance until she saw his smirk and allowed all of her irritation to fade away. Instead of being angered, she pressed a chaste kiss to his lips before leaving without a word to her chambers.

Jon had a smile that remained on his face for a good portion of the morning. He finished putting on his tunic and soon walked to the courtyard where Robb, Brandon, and Rickon were standing. As Jon walked to his brothers, he looked up to see his father and Lady Catelyn watching Bran train with a bow. When Lord Eddard caught his eye he gave him a welcoming smile and a nod. Lady Catelyn, however, scowled before looking back to Brandon.

"Ah, look who decided to show up. Get your beauty sleep, Lady Snow?" Robb teased him with a joking chuckle.

"Aye, still prettier than you." Jon joined in on the banter.

The rest of the morning Jon helped Bran train. The ten year old boy was absolutely atrocious at shooting his target and Robb, Jon, and even Rickon were laughing at him everytime he missed. Bran turned to look at Jon with frustration built up in his eyes.

Jon put his hands on Bran's shoulders before turning to the lookout stand where Lord and Lady Stark stood as spectators. "Go on," Jon encouraged. "Father's watching. Your mother too."

Attempt after attempt, Bran was still not any closer to his target. After one miserable attempt where Brandon missed by a mile, Jon and Robb broke out into cackles and Rickon contributed little giggles as well.

"And which one of you was a marksman at ten?" Ned's voice took the boys out of their taunting, "Keep practicing Bran."

The little lord stared at his father for another few seconds before being encouraged again. Bran turned back to the target and drew his bow.

"Don't think too much, Bran." Jon offered quietly.

"Relax your bow arm." Robb's voice echoed throughout the courtyard.

Bran closed his eyes and opened them, about to loose his arrow, when an arrow hit right in the center of the target. Everyone whipped around after noticing it was not Bran and saw Arya standing atop a straw bale with a smirk on her face and Rayne chuckling beside her. Arya curtsied like a lady and laughed at everyone's astonishment. Young Brandon let out an embarrassed sigh before chasing after his sister and another chorus of laughter echoed throughout the courtyard.

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