Yang Hyun Suk

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I don't get it, the hiding and the denying, but I pretend not to see anyway because I just think they're adorable. The professionalism they've shown me has really proved many things that I wouldn't ever admit to them. As they discuss their standing, I pretend to be watching Minji and Chaerin practice for the concert.

Big Bang wasn't supposed to be here today, but supporting each other is something they've always done.

Jiyong, who's coaching the girls right now, is always a caring senior. I don't mind having him around. Taeyang too is pretty helpful as he gives pointers to his hoobaes. Seungri on the other hand... and Daesung... troublemakers (lol Hyuna and JS). And there was one other kid lurking around: Seunghyun.

He tries to hide his yearning, but I can tell. I'm not so slow as to not see what's going on. He likes her and she likes him. Easy enough, right? Well, not really. It's been... two hours and those two have only discussed things about their practices. The slow development is killing me! It isn't so simple, waiting. I have to be careful as to what I say and do, but if they don't hurry it up, I'll deal the final hand myself.

"Seunghyun..." Sandara whispers and looks my way, so I smile and points to the screen I'm pretending to watch.

She simply nods as I tell her I want her to go ahead and redo it. Maybe if I messed with their time a little, it'll hasten.

"Yeah?' TOP answers.

"I like you-" she abruptly confesses.

He turns my way for a second, but I pretend to not be looking. He cups her chin and lifts it. Like in the MV of I'm Sorry, he took her in his arms and kissed her. Or so the story goes...

author's note.

And so our journey with Korean stars Sandara and Seunghyun have come to an end. Fellow Gummybear, until next time? See you then!

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