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Ch.29 Was that real?

Everything was calm as I sat in a meadow with my knees to my chest. I finally did it. Im having a diffrent dream.

Im still waiting for it to turn into a nightmare the but it isn't. Im just sitting on the grass as the sun went down in it, the moon rising over the orange, brown, yellow and red tree's as a gust of wind blew the leaves around in the air.

I looked up seeing the leaves pass gracefully in front of the moon making me smile.

It was chilly here in this dream, but it was beautiful. I watched the Autumn leaves get blown around as the stars appeared in the midnight blue sky.

For once i felt like...this was an actual dream. Not one based off a memory as I felt a strange warm resurence wrap around my cold figure. It made me happy...this feeling I hadn't had in a long time, and mixed with this beautiful dream...I almost think I'm dead and in heaven or something.

I leaned against the tree that was behind me and closed my eyes, hoping this dream wouldn't end badly like all the other times I closed my eyes closed.

But instead I felt the warm feeling of safety get even warmer, I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a room.

PJ's room.(pic above)

I looked through the window seeing the first few rays of sun as the dark sky began to get lighter, it was then I noticed strong arms firmly wrapped around me. Their body against my back and their head above mine as light breathes left their mouth.

I blushed knowing exactly who it was... Oh my glob is this real?

I looked over my shoulder to see his eye's closed, and his face seems to be at ease as he slept. I blushed even more realizing I fell asleep in his arms after a break down last night.

Why is he being nice? Why won't he leave me alone? Why is he messing with my head? Why is he making my heart spin with the simplest of things? Why is he helping me?... Why try?

I thought clenching the sheets in my hand out of fustration and confusion.

I don't get it. Why is he trying? We never be more than what we are. Were just two student one a nerd, and the other a jock that are going through school. We're both eventually going to go to college, we 're both going to get a job. Why is he trying so hard to reasure me over things he doesn't even understand!?

I felt my blood boil as my thoughts made me more fustrated as I was trying to find answeres, but it instantly stopped when I felt myself being hugged tighter making me blush deeper.

My thoughts instanty relaxed when I saw he was still asleep, I looked around his room and saw a clock, it's 5:49 am. He would probably be waking up soon since the bus comes around 7:00am.

I heard the door clicked as the door knob twisted. I paniced and closed my eye's pretending to be asleep.

I heard a step through the door but there was a sudden pause, a quiet chuckle followed as the door was quietly closed after they took a step back I'm assuming.

I heard the steps go down the stairs in the house and waited a little to open my eyes, crap. I'm not sure who that was but they saw us like this, crap. Well...I think I would prefer who ever that was to see us like this instead of Savage, she would fangirl on the spot squealing about ships and take pictures.

Then my life will be haunted with those pictures, along with both appropriate and inappropriate questions.

I felt a suddenly shift behind me as I felt PJ's arms move making him get up, I closed my eye's. I don't know why I bother to pretend, I guess Im just nervous.

I felt him stop moving behind me one arm still over me, I couldn't tell what was going to happen since he wasn't moving.

He slowly pulled his arm away from me, and I could at least tell he was questioning something but what?

He slowly got off the bed trying not to 'wake me up' probably, I heard his closet open and I didn't dare to open my eye's.

After a little bit of hearing the sound of clothes getting tooken off, and put back on I heard the door open.

"So, your finally awake. How'd ya sleep?" I recognized the voice of our P.E teacher.

"..." PJ didn't reply.

"Come on, admit it. What was that?" Coach Error said quietly sounding amused.

"That...I don't know." PJ said as I listened since I had nothing else to do.

"You don't yet how can you get from one bed to the other, and wrap your arm around a person and not know why?" Coach Error continued seeming more amused by the second.

"H-He was upset last night over something that made him freak out, I don't know what he was dreaming about but what ever it was it was horrible." PJ stuttered quietly as silence followed a little after.

" what do you mean?" Coach Error asked.

"...He had a panic attack in his sleep last night,  I woke up to him struggling to breathe when he was sleeping. I did whar i knew about panic attacks to calm him down, it worked but I didn't want to take the risk of leaving and wake to him dead or something...So I stood with him..." PJ said and there was another pause.

"...Do you like him?" I tried so hard to fight back a blush as those words left Coach Errors mouth, although when there was no reply i couldnt really fight back the light shade of blue. Im not jumping to conclusions but I didn't hear a yes or a no.

"...I'm not answering that..." PJ said.

"...I get I don't exactly seem like the kind of dad that will accept these kinds of thing, but I'll support you if you do. Even if you dont believe me." Coach Error said.

"...I know..." He sighed and the door closed to the room, silence was all that was left in the room.

My face slightly flushed blue as the silence continued. After a second or two PJ let out a fustrated sigh and I heard the shufling of clothes once again.

Eventually PJ 'woke me up' and we left to school once I was ready and we were both fed. PJ went with his dad to the school, they offered to drive me there but I refused kindly. I needed a small bit if alone time to think before Savage would ask the usual.

This...this all had to be some joke. It had to be a dream...


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