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Cordelia had no idea what time it was or how much time had past since she got captured, thrown into the van, and was put in a room in a prison all by herself. But if she had to guess how long it has been at least, she would've assumed about an hour or two. She tried changing into wolf and throwing herself at the door to try and break free, but the door didn't even dent at her full weight being thrown at it.

Cordelia sat in the corner farthest from the door when it opened. Her captor walked through the door with the familiar smirk on his face that she saw just not too long ago. "Why are you doing this?" She yelled at him. She was beyond furious with the man. She was captured, people in her pack were being killed and/or captured, and worst of all, her best friend, Annabelle, was killed. That's what made her beyond furious. Was that her friend was dead by the guy standing in front of her. But he was also her mate.

He just stood over her, smirking at her. Not giving her any reason or answer to her question. "Could you at least tell me what your name is?" She asked, slightly less madly but madly nonetheless. He shrugged. "Well, since you're captured and I don't want to let you go anytime soon, yea. I'll tell you. My name's Pierce Eldred. And I'm the alpha of West Forest." He lowly said.

She narrowed her eyes at him. I've heard that name before. But where? After thinking about it, she finally gave up the thought due to not remembering.

Pierce walked over to her slowly. "Come here, little missy. As I said earlier. I don't bite." He purred, that smirk on his face never changing. "You said you don't bite hard." She hissed and tried getting away but he snatched her with just one arm and slammed her into the wall. "I said that, didn't I?" He chuckled.

Cordelia smelled mint on his breath. His cologne was stronger than the last time he was this close to her and it made her even more attracted to him. But from when she first met him to now, she knew who he was. A mean, cruel, heartless bastard who doesn't think of anyone or anything other than himself.

She cowered away from him and looked away. She wanted to touch him and wrap herself around him but at the same time she wanted to kill him. Wanted to tear him to shreds and never look back or blink an eye at the murder. But she knew if she did, she'd be heartbroken and could never find another mate again. But to have the man standing in front of her as her mate wasn't something she wanted either.

She remembered reading something about if you say 'I reject you as my mate' or something along those lines, then you could walk away from the person, not hurting. She opened her mouth to say those words but something stopped her from saying those words. When she realized what it was, her eyes widened. Pierce had placed his lips on hers. This kiss was forceful and not at all pleasant to her.

Pulling back she was able to swing around her hand and smack him right across the face. "Do you mind, sir? Damn." She mumbled and wiped her arm over her mouth, trying to rid herself of the feeling of his kiss and whatever spit he left on her mouth.

Pierce moved away from her slightly then turned his head to glare at her. Raising a hand, Cordelia winced away and turned her head, waiting for the pain. But it never came. She heard footsteps. Looking up, Pierce was already at the door, giving her a look. "If that's how it's going to be, than you can stay in here and ROT!" He yelled the last word before slamming the door shut and locking it behind him. Cordelia jumped at the thud the door closing made and looked down. "Whatever, bastard. I don't care." Sitting down on the ground, she leaned her head back against the wall and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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