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Cordelia woke up on her parents' couch the next morning. Stretching, she yawned and tumbled off the couch onto her feet. Luckily she didn't have classes in the normal human college that day so she got to sleep in. "Well morning sleepy head." Her father smiled as she walked into the kitchen. He was cooking something delicious because when she entered, there were good smells in there. "What are you cooking, dad?" She asked him as she stood next to him. "Eggs and sausage. The eggs have some vegetables the pack has grown and cheese in it. Hope you're hungry. I made a lot."

Cordelia nodded quickly and grabbed three plates. One for her and the other two for her parents. "It's just us this morning, sweetie. Mom went to the pack house for an urgent meeting. Not sure what. But the alpha called the house early this morning, asking for her to come down right away. She made some cereal for herself, ate, then left." Her father told her softly. Cordelia deflated and put back the plate.

As beta, her mother was always running around trying to help the alpha with things. She wished she had more time with her mother. But she knew her mother had to do some things and just needed to be away from home every once in a while. She didn't really mind that her mother was gone a lot. She had grown fairly used to it. But she just wished sometimes she could've had that mother daughter time that most mothers and daughters had. But she also liked hanging with just her dad.

Her dad scooped some food on the plates. "There you go, Delia." He said as she picked up a plate and started eating. "If you could guess, what do you think the urgent meeting mom got called in for was about?" Cordelia asked as she spooned some eggs in her mouth. Her dad shrugged and bit into a sausage, chewing it and swallowing it before giving her an answer. "Probably just some information about another pack being under attack. There's been a lot of attacks to different packs recently and so close together. I'm guessing they're talking about how to keep this pack away from the danger. But I wouldn't worry about it, Delia. If anything happened, we have a good army that would protect us."

Just then, her mother waltzed into the house and into the kitchen. "Good morning, mom." Cordelia beamed at her mother. "Wish I could say the same, sweet girl. But the alpha ordered us to be on high alert. He got word that there's a good chance West Forest was on their way here to attack. We're hoping that it won't happen but every warrior has surrounded the perimeter just in case."

That sent electricity down Cordelia's spine. Why would West Forest want to attack us? What did we do? She thought to herself. But she just shrugged like she didn't just have that thought. "Well, let's hope that, that doesn't happen. I'd like everyone in our pack to be safe and live." She sighed and shoved a piece of sausage into her mouth. Her mother nodded in agreement. "I feel the same way, sweetie. But I'm not so sure. The alpha was really worried and was trying to get us to move everyone out of the pack location and find another location, away from West Forest. But I told him that it wasn't that easy. We have almost a thousand people in the pack and to move that many people on short notice and not to a destined place would be hard in just one morning."

Electricity went down Cordelia's spine again and she shuttered. She really didn't anyone in the pack dead or harmed in anyway. She wanted to help the alpha move everyone out and to somewhere new. But she had to agree with her mother. In this short of a notice and not even sure where to move everyone, would actually be nearly impossible.

"Well I wouldn't be too worried, mom. I think we'll be safe." Cordelia said. But two seconds later a siren went off. "What's that?" Cordelia asked nervously as she set her plate, which still had half of the food on it, down. "Someone invaded our perimeter." Her mother said and headed for the door. "But... But how? Her father asked, following her. Cordelia tried following but her parents stopped her. "Don't go out there, Delia. We don't want you hurt or taken." Her mother said and her father closed the door behind them.

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