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"But sir. Do you think we really should?" The captain of the pack army asked Pierce. "We already attacked three packs. I think that's enough!"

"Are you questioning your alpha, Brian?" Pierce snapped at the man and slammed his fists into his desk. "N-no, alpha. I'm sorry." Brian stuttered and slightly bowed to Pierce then quickly straightened. "It's just... Blue Fire's pack army is stronger than ours, sir." Brian gulped and winced away from Pierce before he could do anything to him. But nothing came. Brian looked up at Pierce and he was looking out the window. "There are plenty of young men and women in the army who are well trained, Brian. Go assemble all of them. We will head out early in the morning. Go! Now!" Pierce growled and Brian jumped then bowed quickly. "Y-yes sir. Right away, sir." He said and scurried out of Pierce's office and out of the pack house.

Pierce sighed and walked over to his desk to sit down. He pressed his fingers against the bridge of his nose and exhaled deeply. "Why must there be so much question with these people?" He groaned to himself and leaned back in the cushioned chair. Swiveling around slightly, he opened a drawer from his desk and pulled out some paperwork.

"What was all the commotion in here a little bit ago, Mr. Alpha?" A blonde girl asked as she waltzed in and sat on the end of his desk and seductively licked her lips as she unbuttoned her shirt, painfully slow, one button at a time. "How 'bout I help you.. ease some of your tension?" The girl purred and pulled his face to look at her. "Come on, Pierce, baby." She started to unbutton his too tight white shirt when he waved her dismissively. "Not now, Amelia. Leave me." Pierce huskily said and looked back at his paperwork. "I'm working now. I can't be bothered by you."

She squealed in madness. "Damn you, Pierce Eldred! You'll rue the day you turned down me!" She growled. Pierce nonchalantly looked up at her. "Get out, Amelia. I'm not interested." He sighed and turned his attention once more to his paperwork. "Jerk! You don't love anyone! Not since they died!" She yelled.

Before she knew it, a stinging rose in her cheek. "Don't you dare bring them up! Or I'll have you locked away in a prison cell and you will never come out again! Understood, Amelia?!" Pierce yelled, his face turning red from anger.

Pierce's parents were killed a decade ago while there was a pack war between West Forest pack (Pierce's pack) and another pack and his parents were the first to die. His father was the alpha and his mother was part of the pack army. And since his father died, at the age of 11, Pierce became alpha. He had advisors who helped him until he turned eighteen and was able to run the pack by himself. But he rarely listened to them.

He never liked talking about his parents nor did he want one word spoken about them. Good word or bad word. He told the pack when he was eighteen in a public announcement that there would be no talk of his parents. Unless that person or anyone in the conversation wanted to be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives. Young or old. It didn't matter to him. He just didn't want to hear about them anymore. And he hasn't heard anything about them since until Amelia brought up the subject.

"You know what I announced three years ago. There shall be no speak of them. I don't care what you think about them. I will have nothing verbal of them. Especially in front of me. As your alpha, you will listen to this command. Unless you want to go into the jail. Hmm? Do you?" He cocked an eyebrow at her, waiting for her answer. She shook her head as she held her cheek. "No, alpha. I don't want to be thrown in a prison cell." She muttered and rubbed her cheek, still feeling the sting of when he hit her. "Good. Now out of my office before I do throw you in one."

She ran out of his office as fast as she could. Pierce sat back in his chair once more and ruffled his hair with his hand before taking a handful and lightly pulling on it. He didn't want to hit the poor girl but talk about his parents makes him mad. Really mad. He's still upset about their deaths. And he wont rest until he finds the pack who declared war on his and kill them all. Until then, any pack that gets in his way or is in his path will wither.

"Don't be so uptight, young alpha." An elderly woman's voice sounded from the doorway. Instantly he knew who it was. "Not now, Elder Genevieve." He huffed but the woman didn't listen to him and walked in anyways. "You're too uptight and mean. Stop that." She told him sternly. He growled and looked up at the elder before him.

Elder Genevieve was one of the younger elders of the pack. But still an elder nonetheless. She was in her early 70s. Her shifting abilities stopped about twenty years ago when Pierce was only a year old. And about ten years later, she earned a title of an elder. She had strands of grey in her raven black hair and her skin in the face started to show signs of wrinkles. But she still acts like she was 25 years old.

Ever since Pierce's parents passed away, she acted like a mother to the young boy. She was the only one who Pierce confided in. The only one who he actually did care about and love. "You know that isn't possible, Genevieve. It's hard to not be mean and uptight." He sighed. She shook her head. "You'll learn, young alpha. You'll learn that always being mean to everyone won't get you things that you want. Maybe if you started now, you would find a mate in no time."

Pierce hadn't found a mate yet but he liked it that way. He liked to be isolated from girls. And in reality, he was awkward around girls. But he wasn't going to admit that. Not now, not ever. And that's just what he was going to do. Not admit that.

"I don't need a mate, Genevieve. I'm perfectly content not having one and I don't think I'll ever need one." He contently said. She shrugged. "You'll want one, one day, Pierce. I'm telling you that now." She said and left him alone in his office.

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