Chapter 29

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Jade P.O.V.

We had been working for Ed for about three days now and it was nothing but bloody boring. After Benedick had left we literally had had nothing to do for the past two days.

We stood there like frozen cats, waiting to be called on. As the fourth day dawned even Ed decided our pointless standing was getting tedious and decided to dismiss us.

Jack and I were tossed inside our original cells, the doors slammed, locked and bolted. I sighed and sank to the floor, leaning my head against the wall.

Suddenly, a thought hit me and I stood up and walked over to the bathroom, strapping off my pathetic heels and dropping them carelessly on my way.

I reached the bathroom and made straight for the mirror, placing my hands either side and looking deeply into it. As before, I could make out that the solid material wasn't completely opaque.

As I squinted further, I could almost make out a small purple blob... I pressed my hands harder against the sides of the mirror and leaned in closer. The purple blob grew into a weird almost ark like shape.

 Below it I began to make out a black something, purple on top of black... What the... Then I heard something. It was very faint but I definitely heard it.

I turned and pressed my ear to the mirror, clenching my eyes shut in order to hear the sound. It was a song, someone was singing. I'd heard that voice before... I knew it better than anything else.

Without a second though I put my lips to the mirror and screamed:


The singing stopped. There was a shuffling and faint footsteps drawing closer. Suddenly the mirror shuddered.

"Jade? Was that you?" It was very faint but I could hear it.

"Yeah, can you hear me?"

"I can hear you clearly, where are you?" Her voice to me was blurred and hard to hear. Evidently the mirror was not made to be listened through. How could she hear me? Then it hit me. Of course she could hear me clearly her Corocottas Menta was on. So that meant we could communicate... Sort of.

"I'm by the mirror thing that is slightly see through."


I stifled a laugh and directed her to where I was on her side. As soon as she was pressed up against the mirror I could hear her much better but it was still blurred and slightly faint.

"We need to break this glass," Perrie said.

"How? Any ideas cause I don't really have anything that's going to smash it..." I said, glancing round.

"This glass might not be able to smash. Ed had everything installed himself he'll know exactly what to do with it although I doubt he'd tell us if we asked..." she said in dry humour.

Suddenly I had an idea.

"But he just might..."

"What?" I explained how I was working for Ed and he said he trusted us... Maybe I could find a way to ask him about the glass without seeming suspicious.

"That's perfect! When do you next get out of here and see him again?" Perrie gushed excitedly.

"I don't know. I doubt much longer than two days. As tedious as we are I think he finds us a lot more useful than he's letting on."

Perrie stopped for a moment, her head facing the ground.

"Go. I can hear someone coming. I know for a fact all the other walls are soundproof but seriously, go."

And with that we parted, strolling to the other side of the room. I tugged on my heels and sat down, leaning my head against the wall. After about five minutes a guard came and opened the door.

I stood and followed his gesture and the engraved signs on the walls leading us to the grand hall. Ed was seated as usual and Jack already by his side.

Soon enough we were ordered to go offer the guards some beverages in their room. It was dark and grimy and stank of rotting corpses and decaying food.

 We poured and passed around plastic cups of beer and coffee while the guards laughed between themselves and sniggered to each other.

It surprised me how many there actually were. After fifteen minutes we were out - thank the lord - and we made our way back to the grand hall.

As we arrived a guard came in and told him that one of the doors on one of the cells was looking a bit worn down. An idea sprung to mind and I didn't pass up the opportunity

"Oh Ed," he turned to me. I drew a deep breath.

"I noticed my mirror had cracked a bit and wondered if this was common in the materials used for the mirrors here or if I would need it fixed..."

Ed looked at me strangely before saying.

"It is uncommon seeing as the material used is a special one that can only be broken using a series of high pitched notes so... If it is a real problem well... I have a lot to do and that is wasting my time so..."

"Uh understood, yes thank you. Ok," I said quickly before hurrying back to my spot. Jack gave me a weird look but I shook my head and stood in silence. Eventually Ed dismissed us again and I strolled back to my cell. Mission accomplished.

"PERRIE!" I called when the guards were long gone. There was a faint shuffling before her blurred voice said:


"I found out that the mirror was made of a special material that only breaks under a series of high pitched notes... Do you have any idea what they could be?" Perrie stopped for a minute, I couldn't really see anything but then her head snapped up.

I remember hearing a song quite a few times through the wall... I managed to learn part of it but I don't know if it will do..." she said.

"It sounds fine, just go for it!" I said and stepped away. Perrie took a deep breath and began.

"I know you like to play it slow, but I'm running out of time, it's like I've lost my self control, cause you, are the one, and you know, what you done, my poor hearts, come undone, baby ple-ease!"

My jaw dropped as she hit the high note and held it for ages. The mirror began to shudder and rock until suddenly, it smashed, scattering sharp pieces across the floor.

I uncurled from my protective position and looked through the mirror, where there was now a hole. "Perrie!" I breathed, running to her and hugging what I could through the small hole.

We grinned and I began shuffling some pieces out of the way. I looked back up at her.

"Now we can communicate properly!" I said, grinning. "But we'll need a plan."

Perrie nodded and smirked. "Let's get out of here once and for all."


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