Part 112*

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Shravan: Sleep my little Angel, we still have a lot of time.

Sumo: (yawn) Angel? Seriously?

Shravan: Why? What's wrong with Angel?

Sumo: Shravan, in what angle do I look like an angel? If anything, I'm a devil! (laughing) Your little devil!!

Shravan: (laughing) You'll always be my precious little Angel. Shining bright light in my dull world!

Sumo: Where do you learn these things Shravan??? Like who knew the nerdy little boy, who sat on the last bench of class would turn out to be this romantic! I seriously feel bad for all the other girls that used to tease you! They have no idea what they are missing out on! (laughing)

Shravan: (grinning) Let me remind you, you were the number one girl to tease me in school!

Sumo: (grinning) But I was lucky enough to capture you! And plus, those girls never saw the real you! I always did!

Shravan: Oh yeah?

Sumo: Of course! I was your only friend! The only one to see you for who you really were!

Shravan: And who was I really?

Sumo: You weren't just a nerd, you were pretty cool! You used to protect me on big rides at the caravel and win me amazing prizes. You were not only great at math and science but also at art and other projects. Sadly, everyone only saw you as the nerd. They never saw all of the other amazing shades of you.

Shravan: Shades? Like 50 shades of gray? (laughing)

Sumo: (blushing) Shut up, you dirty mind!

Shravan: (shrugging) I'm going on a honeymoon! What else am I supposed to think about?

Sumo: (yawning) How am I supposed to know! This is my first honeymoon!

Shravan: (sarcastically) It my 10th honeymoon! Don't worry Sumo, if you don't know what to do! I know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing!

Sumo: (slapping his chest) Shut up!!! You really like teasing me, don't you??

Shravan: Of course I do!! You have teased me to lot during my whole childhood!! Now it's my turn!!

Sumo: Meanie! (sticking his tongue out)

Shravan: But I'm your Meanie! (pouting)

Sumo: (yawning) Fine with me, my Meanie!

Shravan: (smiling) Sleep my naughty devil! We still have plenty of time!

Sumo: (yawning) Hummm.....

Shravan lifted the armrest from between their seats and pulled Sumo closer. Sumo wrapped both of her arms around Shravan's waist and snuggled into his chest.

8 hours later.

After a couple of hours, Sumo felt a tapping sensation on her cheeks. Sumo opened her eyes slowly, meeting them with Shravan's who was already smiling down at her. Without any words he pointed outside the window, to which Sumo turned.

And when she did, her breath hitched for a second. The view before her was something she had never seen before.

She looked out to find herself hovering over royal blue waters. The land was painted in hues of bright greens and the mountains looked breathtaking amongst the clouds. Sumo could see the small beaches to which the waves crashed on and the lush landscape which she was dying to walk through.

 Sumo could see the small beaches to which the waves crashed on and the lush landscape which she was dying to walk through

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