Part 111*

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Once Sumo and Shravan got ready, they set out together to go to PCT to finish up some of Sumo's last minute work and Shravan also had to manage his firm.

Soon Shravan dropped Sumo off to the new PCT and he set out to go right next door to SUMshra.

Sumo entered PCT with a huge smile on her face as she saw the PCT girls working hard and Preeta ordering them around.

Sumo: (smiling) Hello girls!!!

Preeta: (excited) Sumo!!! You're finally here!!

Sumo: Of course girls!! I'm back!! So Preeta you better watch out!! (laughing)

Preeta: How are you feeling now?? Shravan told me and I was so worried!

Sumo: No need to worry! I'm better now! I just had a mild headache, that's it!!

Preeta: Well I'm glad you're better!! PCT misses you a lot!!

Sumo: I miss you guys a lot too! But this Shravan is being so irritating and not letting me work!

Preeta: (laughing) Well that's a good thing! Because for me, Dhurinder sits around at home watching TV while I work here!!

Sumo: (laughing) Speaking of Dhurinder, I have some good news to tell you!!

Preeta: Oh my-----

Sumo: (cutting her off) And before you say anything, no I'm not pregnant!!

Preeta: (pouting) Awe! I got excited for a second!

Sumo: (laughing) There's still time for that!! But I have to tell you some other good news!

Preeta: (getting excited) Tell me fast!!

Sumo: (blushing) So you know how you told me Shravan would kiss me in return for my fees that I owned it??

Preeta: Yeah??

Sumo: Well he did!!! (jumping up and down)

Preeta: What?! When?! And you didn't tell me?!

Sumo: Calm down!! And yeah he did!! At the Preeti Bhoj after the opening of PCT!

Preeta: Well, better late then never!!

Sumo: (laughing) True! I finally got my Chasmish on the right track!! Speaking of that, I'm leaving tonight!!

Preeta: Honeymoon bound huh??? (teasing)

Sumo: (blushing) Yeah. Finally me and Shravan are going! So, I just wanted to tell you to take care of PCT, and if you need anything give me a call!!

Preeta: Don't worry about PCT! I'll manage everything here! All you have to do is manage you hubby! Make sure he doesn't eat you up! (laughing)

Sumo: (blushing profoundly) Shut up!!

Shravan: (entering from behind) Don't worry Preeta, I won't eat your Sumo up. But that doesn't mean I won't have a bite or two. (winking)

Preeta: Shravan Ji, take 3 or 4 bites if you want!! And please make me an Aunt soon!!

Shravan: (smirking) I'll try my best.

Sumo: Shut up both of you!! (blushing red)

Preeta: Awe Sumo, no need to be shy! He's your husband now!

Shravan: By the way Preeta, I heard that Sumo had gotten all of her love advice from you??

Preeta: (blushing) Uh.....well.....You see, Dhurinder is quite romantic once in a while.....

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