Katie's P.O.V

Well that was one of the best sleeps I've ever had, Danny's bed was so comfy, I think it was a memory foam one. It definitely beats the hard mattress at my hotel. I knew I had to get up pretty soon for work but when I looked at the digital clock on the bedside table, I was surprised because it was actually 3:30am and I didn't have to be in work until 5:00am but I still had to get a clean set of clothes from my hotel room so I'd have to leave Danny's at 4:00am.

Then I heard someone sniff faintly, into my ear, Danny's arms were still wrapped around my waist tightly and I thought he was still asleep. So I turned in the bed, as soundlessly as I could. ''Morning'' muttered Danny, in a low tone. His morning voice was so incredibly sexy. Danny didn't look that tired. ''How long have you been up for?'' I mumbled ''Since 2:00, I couldn't get to sleep'' he said ''Aren't you tired?'' I asked ''No not really and I knew you had to go to work early today so I wanted to say goodbye, before you left'' said Danny. We both started to smile at each other and I snuggled up closer to him. ''Sorry I fell asleep last night, its just when you left I felt really tired'' I uttered into his chest ''Don't worry, to have you laying with me in my bed this morning, is quite enough'' muttered Danny, squeezing me slightly and kissing my forehead. Seconds later I lifted my head up and hovered over Danny's, lowering it slowly until my lips faintly touched his. Pulling away slightly, I traced my nose over his cheeks and down his neck. Then I brushed my cheek over his lips, he tried his best to kiss them, he even pulled me in closer, with one hand on the small of my back and the other in my hair. I started to climb on top of him, until his skinny legs were in-between mine and then I hovered my chest over his face, I was still in my bra and knickers so he had a good look at my breasts. Eventually we started to 'French kiss', I pulled away again to slide my hands down his chest and placing kisses down his body until I reached the top of his groin.

Sitting up straight, on top of him, I began to undo my bra but when it started to fall off, I quickly covered my breasts with my hands, my, self-conscious self had caught up with me and I didn't know what to do next. Danny looked at me with a sympathetic look, it was if he knew what I was thinking because he moved his hands up my legs, past my knickers and landed on my hands. He then began to peel them away from my breasts, with a trusting smile, my boobs were now exposed to Danny but instead of just having a good old look at them he sat up in the bed and leant forward. ''You are so beautiful Katie'' he whispered still smiling. Then he started kissing gently, my chest and in-between my breasts. I've never felt so at ease before in the bedroom, yes granted I've had sex with other people happily but I always had self-conscious thoughts at the back of my head, about my lumps and bumps and I knew I was a curvy girl, that hadn't got a flat stomach like all these other super models you see in magazines. But with Danny it was so different, I felt free, I trusted him and I could now start to enjoy myself.

Danny cupped my bare breasts with his warm hands. He gave my nipples a gentle tug, making them hard, before he pulled me close to his chest, so he could turn me. I was now laying on my back with him on top of me, now his legs were in-between mine. He spread them, forcing me to open my legs wider. He gave my inside thighs some soft kisses, then he came up to give me tender kisses on my lips. His mouth was all over mine, he opened it wide so he was in-control of the kiss and so he could deepen the kiss, by caressing my tongue with his. After he took off his boxers, he started to grind against my knickers, I could feel his penis harden, to feel it was giving me Goosebumps and I was getting wetter by the minute. His body was heavy on top of mine but not enough to hurt (One good thing about having a skinny boyfriend, I suppose). Before I knew it Danny's fingers were grasping at the top of my knickers, as he looked up at me. I smiled at him and he removed them. Then he ran his massive tongue over my lips and started to snog me, using tongue again. He began to move about to position himself and grabbed my thighs, lifting them slightly but never once did he part from the kiss. After a few minutes more I think we were both ready so he got out a condom from his draw and rolled it down, over his penis. Before he penetrated me, he gestured down, to see if I was ok to go ahead. I gave a gentle nod back, to confirm to him that I was ready. So he took his penis in his hand and started rubbing it against my clitoris, then he gently pushed the head of his penis inside my opening. I flinched a little because it felt fairly fresh to me and I could see he understood this so eventually he eased more of his penis inside of me and started to thrust against me, continuing with the kiss.

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