Chapter 2

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Interview Transcript

Patricia Bishops interviewed by Robert Mills

November 27, 2016

10:36 AM

Mills: Patricia. I'm here to ask a few more questions and follow up on the details of the case. 

Bishops: It's Pax. 

Mills: I have to refer to you by your proper name for all legal purposes. 

Bishops: Legal purposes are dumb, and I've already answered thousands of questions.

Mills: Even so, I have to make sure that the details are consistent. It's possible that you remembered something new that could prove your innocence. 

Bishops: What could prove my innocence better than a solid alibi? An alibi I already had, mind you. 

Mills: Lets start there then. Where were you on October 22, 2015?

Bishops: I was at my boyfriend's house. I don't see what this has to do with the case though. 

Mills: I want all the information possible. Please continue with the details.

Bishops: (sigh) I was at my boyfriend's house, 2564 Leden Lane, and I was breaking up with him. 

Mills: Why were you breaking up with him?

Bishops: We had both decided that the relationship wasn't going to work out because he was moving to California and I was moving to Tennessee.

Mills: What were the reasons for the move?

Bishops: His or mine?

Mills: Both. 

Bishops: I was moving because a high paying job opened up that I was hired for. He was moving because he hates-hated our hometown and he was going to go to school there and hopefully start working in the movies.

Mills: You said the breakup was mutual. How long had you been discussing it?

Bishops: He had decided about a month before that he would be leaving, and I had found out that day that I had gotten the job. Somewhere in between then it was sort of decided without talking. I had just gone to his house to officially do it and get my stuff. 

Mills: What stuff? It wasn't mentioned in any of the other reports.

Bishops: That's because I never got it. He said that he didn't know where it was. It wasn't anything really important, just a few books and clothes and general items. 

Mills: Do you know where the stuff ended up?

Bishops: No. I went back over the next day to help him look and that was when I was arrested. 

Mills: Why didn't you help him look that day?

Bishops: Because I had to pack!

Mills: Calm down, Patricia. 

Bishops: I hate answering endless questions. It makes me want to bang my head against a wall and puke at the same time. 

Mills: Do you want to take a break? I can leave for fifteen minutes and bring back something for you to eat.

Bishops: I guess that would be fine. They never have good food here though. 

Mills: Next time I'll bring you something else, does that sound good?

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