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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 3.1

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"What?!?!?" Aminat and Lucas yelled in unison. Aminat turned to glare daggers at him but found that he was right next to her and gladly mimicking her expression. 

Rolling his eyes Tristan walked toward them. "You heard me. Ty, Skylar and I need to show him where to store everything and where we sleep," he said gesturing to Jabari. "Kai is incapable of walking correctly at the moment." he said gesturing to Kai. He was right. Even though he was standing, he looked pretty bruised and Aminat was pretty sure that his 'crown jewels' were still in pain, so he'd walk too slow.

"What about Ryan?" Aminat asked desperately, earning a cheeky grin from Ryan. Lucas groaned at the exchange.

"Oh please," he mumbled. Aminat ignored him, instead looking intently up at Tristan.

"Nope. He's gotta find his other half and set up tonight's fire." he said, earning a groan from a very irritated Ryan. "So you see, Lucas here," he said walking to Lucas and putting an arm around his shoulder, "is the only one left." 

Aminat thought that she might actually like him, 'Never mind that...' she thought bitterly. 

"Why does he have to go with her?" A nasally voice screeched from her far left. Chloë. "I can always go with her, help her find a place easier."

"So that broke down Barbie bitch can leave to be eaten in the woods? Oh hell no, I'd rather take my chances with that thing." She said, pointing to Lucas. "At least he'd try to kill me in my face and not leave me."

"Don't be too sure princess." He said snidely, grating her last nerve.

"Chloë, babe, why don't you go and check on Tip?" Tristan said in a patronizing voice, but Chloë just looked at him.

"Okay Tristy-bear." She said pouting her lip and fluttering her eyes. She probably thought it was cute, but her already pouted lip looked stretched way too far and her stubby eyelashes couldn't keep up with her request. She glared once more at Aminatbefore walking - twitching - away.

"Alright Luke, the place by the falls is pretty nice, why not go there first?" Tristan said, trying to be helpful to the seemingly horrible situation.

Lucas grumbled a 'whatever' before quickly stalking off away from the boulder and into a 'forest' on the plateau. Aminat scrambled behind him, cursing his long legs along the way.

"This is gonna be fun." She heard Ryan say, amusement lacing his voice.

"I know right. I hope you don't mind losing a brother, because more than likely one of them will not be home for dinner." Jabari said, making everyone laugh.

"Young Love..." Was the very last thing she heard before they disappeared into the trees was hushed laughter and Aminat made sure to figure out who it was so she could hurt them later.


"Dammit princess if you don't move your ass I will leave you." Lucas said for the tenth time. They'd been walking for exactly one hour and, due to the difference in height and leg length, Aminat was slightly behind. It's not that she couldn't catch up, quite the contrary actually. It's just that she didn't want to be near him.

"The leave me. I've waited and waited and all you seem to do is talk and not act." Aminat said dismissively. She began to walk even slower, taking the time to listen and breathe in the world around her.

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