Funky Monks

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2 years later 

The Mansion 

Recording Blood Sugar Sex Magik 

It was early in the morning when a camera crew came to begin recording the guys while recording their new album. "Hi,  i'm Katie!'' I tell the camera crew just after that Chad appears "Hey, Shrimp", he says to me "Chad won't stay here, because he's afraid of the ghosts'' I say into the camera. The camera guys followed the guys around all day they left that night after I went to bed. I was sleeping really good when I felt hands on my side. I moved and they were still there. "John, move your hands'' I say

Nothing happens 

A few minutes later, I hear the door open quietly. I heard John take his clothes off and change. 

''Did you just leave and come back?'' I ask him as he lays down 


"Well, someone was"

"What are you talking about"

''I was asleep and felt hands on my side and I thought it was you. So, I moved and I still felt it, then when you came in it when away" 

"That's weird"

"I know"

"It was probably a ghost, babe" 

  "It was probably a ghost, babe",  kept me up all night it was all I was thinking about. 

Maybe, just maybe it was. 

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