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"Katelyn, hurry up." Yelled Aphmau.
"GOD DAMN IT APHMAU,I'M COMING! " Yelled Katelyn back.
The doorbell rang. Aphmau opened the door to see the lovely Nicole.
"Just on time." Commented Aphmau letting her in. "Hey! Are you guys ready?" Asked Nicole. The girls, Katelyn, Aphmau, and Nicole were going for a trip in the summer to a resort called Love~Love Paridise. The
girls had just finished college. Katelyn
had taken acting/ theatere. Aphmau took English literature classes to become a writer. And Nicole took
Medicine for animals to be a vet.
Aphmau decide to txt Aaron while Nicole was putting her suitcase in the car and katelyn was still upstairs.
Aph: Hey.
Aar: Hey babe♡
Aph: I'm leaving now, but I'll see you
near the end of the summer.
Aar: I'm gonna miss you.
Aph: I'm gonna miss you, too. Bye. I
Love you♡
Aar: Love you too, potato!

Nicole put in her suit case and went
inside the house to get Katelyn. It's been a few weeks since Dante and
Nicole talked and fought.
Nicole took her phone out of her
back pocket and opened it to the text message icon. She sent a txt to Dante.
Nicole: Hey hon...Dante I know your mad at me about that fight but I just wanted you to know...I love you.
Nicole waited for a message after 6 long minutes.
Dante: Go outside.
Nicole was confused so she looked out the window and saw Dante walking on the other side of the road walking to the house. Nicole ran downstairs
and out the house door. She ran into Dante's arms with tears in her face.
"I-Im so sorry." Said Dante pulling her closer. "It wasn't y-your fault." Nicole
replied in an understanding voice.
"I'm gonna miss you." She finally said
after a moment if silence. He let go of her."me too." He said caressing her
Cheek. He leaned in closer and their
lips connected. Nicole wrapped her arms around Dante's neck as they passionately kissed.

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