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(A/N) Serious-er stuff happen in this chapter! You have been warned!

(Terry's POV)

Mi-Gyeong grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the shelter, my other hand holding onto Max's leash as I took him along with us.

Max barked at the dogs he saw through the large window next to the entrance.
"Max... behave." I warned.

"Come on...!" Mi-Gyeong encouraged. Max looked at her and barked while happily panting, running to her side. 

"How come he never listens to me but always listens to you...?" I pouted, walking next to Mi-Gyeong after opening the door for her.

"Because I love both of you!~" Mi-Gyeong chirped. I smiled at her response and held my arm out a bit for her to hold onto it. She gladly took my arm and wrapped hers around it, resting her head on my shoulder. "I'm excited to show you what kind of dog I got!"

How did a guy like me end up with a girl as sweet as her...? As my face began to redden, as a worker walked up to us. 

"Hello. Welcome to our shelter, is there anything we can do for you two and your dog?" She bowed, her short, black hair bouncing a bit after standing up straight.

"Yes, we are looking for Nari. We found her on your website and made a reservation" (Just a heads up, I don't have a pet so... I don't know how adopting a pet is like. I did research though.) Mi-Gyeong smiled. "We both volunteered to come over on Sunday to go over the basics already."

"Oh! Yes, I remember."  The worker remarked, she turned around so her side was facing the two of them. "Come and follow me if you want to see Nari."

Both Mi-Gyeong and I followed the worker and saw a black lab dog with a slightly intimidating vibe. 

O-oh... Not a type of dog I would expect Mi-Gyeong to adopt... But looks aren't everything. I felt Max hide behind my ankle from Nari. I looked down at my right foot to see Max poking his head out from the side of my leg as he stared at Nari. 

"H-here is Nari...!" The worker said, giving us a forced smile as Mi-Gyeong slowly came up to Nari. She gently kept her hand out for the dog to sniff, it slowly padded it's way towards Mi-Gyeong as if they had already known each other. 

"Aww, Nari is so sweet! I love her already!" Mi-Gyeong giggled as Nari nuzzled her collar bone. 

"That's good." The worker almost sighed. "Are you ready to start signing the papers?"

"Of course." Mi-Gyeong got up from the floor and scratched behind Nari's ears before going to a desk with me. We spent the next hour or so signing papers. I occasionally looked over my shoulder to see how Max and Nari got along, every time I saw Nari sniffing at Max. 

"Okay, we're all done here." A worker said, he tapped the bottom of the papers on the desk to align them neatly in a pile.

"Thank you so much." Mi-Gyeong smiled, she took my hand and held it as we went over to both of our dogs.

 Time skip brought to you by Max the Doggo

"Thanks for the ride, Terry." Mi-Gyeong shut the door, holding onto Nari's leash. 

"Anything for you, Mi-Gyeong." I smiled, I watched Mi-Gyeong blush at my words. 

"A-anything...?" She whispered, she looked down at Nari. 

"Hm?" I asked, not hearing what she had said. 

"Nothing...!" She looked back up with her normal smile. Mi-Gyeong kissed me through my open window and turned around to wave at me before going into her apartment building. 

"Okay, see you later!" I waved through my window and watched her get inside before driving off. "Hmm... I should ask Mi-Gyeong if she wants to be in a video later... That would be fun." I mumbled to myself. A few moments later, I noticed Boyoung sitting at the side of the street staring at her phone. I slowly drove up to her, curious about why she was the way she was.

No one's POV

"Boyoung!" Terry called out, leaning on the bottom rim of his window. "What's up? What are you doing out here alone? It's getting late."

Boyoung kept her head down for a bit and slowly looked up at him with small tears in her eyes, a forced smile was on her face. "I'm fine, I was just about to go home."

"Oh my gosh, Boyoung get in my car. I'll give you a ride." Terry said, more concerned after seeing her pained expression. "What are you looking at on your phone...?" Boyoung turned her phone off and shoved it in her pocket before getting up. 

"Nothing... Bye." She turned around and started walking down the sidewalk, starting to fill with groups of friends ready to party. 

Terry looked over his shoulder to see Max asleep in the back seat. He sighed, not wanting to wake up his dog but he didn't want to leave Boyoung. He drove off, parking at the side of the street before getting out of his car. "Boyou-"

"Terry, please, stop..." Boyoung frowned, turning around as soon as she heard him. "I can't be around you anymore..."

"Why not?"

"...Because she won't let me..." 


"I... I can't tell you here... No, this is wrong. I just... I can't be seen with you anymore." Boyoung took her phone out and showed Terry an email in her inbox. 

Stay away from Terry or else

"Who... Who is this from?!" Terry began to panic. "We need to tell the police!!"

"I can't tell you..."

"Just tell me!"

"It's Mi-Gyeong." Boyoung jabbed my arm with her finger, I could tell she was furious. 

"What...? N-no... She wouldn't say that to you. She wouldn't do this, that's not like her."

"Maybe to you." She sneered, hugging herself. "But she wants you to herself. Do you know what a yandere is?"


"It's someone who is so obsessed with someone they love, they would do anything to be with them, even commit murder."

"How do you know this?"

"Because I just do! And, don't you think she might be like that?"

"A yandere? No."

"No? How about the times when she would glare at me whenever we just happened to come across each other on the streets one your dates- or the 2 other emails she sent me!" 

"Boyoung, Mi-Gyeong isn't like that. Just go to the police, I know they can clear it up. I'll go with you if that helps y-"

"Terry, I am telling you to stay away from her because she is dangerous! Listen to me! As your friend, I care about you. I would hate for you to be hurt by her."

"...I'll talk to her about this. There has got to be something going on."

"P-please... don't tell her... I'm scared she might do something really bad if she found out I told you to stay away from her."

"You're telling me to stay away from my girlfriend who you wanted me to be with? Make up your mind already..."

"That was a month ago, I didn't know anything! I didn't know this would happen..." Boyoung started to tear up again. "I can't deal with this, I'm going to move away if I have to..." 

"Wait, move away? Boyoung, you can't be serious..."

"Oh my funking goodness Terry... Either you leave me or you leave Mi-Gyeong. I know Mi-Gyeong makes you happy and she's there for you but I don't think she's the best for you.... Just... Just think about it... please. And please, don't tell her about this. This is your decision now." She turned around and walked off, leaving Terry alone on the sidewalk. 

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