Trapped (Ouran HighSchool Host Club)

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Name: Evee Watanabe

Age: 16. (same age as Tamaki and Kyoya)

Likes: Quiet, reading, Pokèmon, sweets, nice people, her favorite Pokemon is a Evee because that's her name, and a sucker for cute things.

DisLikes: snobby rich kids, mean people, bitter/sour food, lightning/thunder, and Team Rocket. (≧∇≦)

Personality: very shy and awkward around people, whether she knows them or not. Blushes real easy. She is feisty when someone messes with her and if someone does she turns into Black Evee. Black Evee is her fighting mode. She talks softly to anyone and will only raise her voice when she really needs too. She opens up to people she trust. Which is no one yet..

Appearance: Her jet black hair is as soft as silk (reaches a little pass her shoulders) Electric blue eyes that can melt people with one look. Soft tannish skin . Has a body that will make a model jealous. But has some burn marks and cuts on her arms, but not afraid to show it. Likes to wear anything black or blue that's the same color as her eyes. But normally wears a electric blue mid-thigh length dress with black butterflies on it, black combat boots, black and blue fingerless gloves, and a silver heart necklace. She may look dangerous but she's really sensitive, sweet, and quiet.

Background: Both her parents died when she was six years old. Been fending her self till she was old enough to leave the foster house. Which was at 16 years old.


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