December 12, 3:45

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I got onto my bed and jumped off, suddenly flying. This is so cool!! I opened my window and flew out, exploring Paris from the sky. I never realized how beautiful Paris is at night. I could get use to this.

Suddenly, I heard a crash and screams coming from the city. Omg! I need to go find Ladybug and Chat Noir! Wait a minute. I'm a hero now. I need to go and save the city like they do!

I flew towards the noise to see yet another akumatized victim.

(I'm not very good at fight scenes so I'm just gonna skip it)

After I had hold of him, I saw Ladybug and Chat Noir coming towards me. Ok, now!

I grabbed his watch and stomped on it, releasing the butterfly. "Hey! Who are you?" I turned to see the two oldest and best hero's behind me.

"Not important. Ladybug, capture the akuma then we can go somewhere to talk."

She nodded and did what I said. After everything went back to normal, they followed me to the Eiffel Tower.

Once we got to the Tower, I leaned up against the towers walls while I heard the other two whispering behind me.

"Who is this girl? Are we sure she's not just another akumatized victim like Volpina was?" I smiled. Ah Ladybug, I knew it might be a little difficult to accept me by you.

"I don't know but we should give her a chance Buggaboo. I think it's a purr-fect opportunity to have a new team mate." I heard Ladybug groan and I chuckled. I guess she hears enough of that everyday that it got kinda annoying fast.

"Ok, but we need to find out where she came from without giving our identities or hers out."

They stopped talking and I turned around you see them looking at me. I walked closer to them until I was 5 feet away from them. "So, how can I get you two to trust me to be on your team?"

Ladybug started. "Well first, we need to know where you come from but you cannot tell us to much. And after we find out about all about you, we will both talk about letting you on the team."

I nodded. "Ok well, I'm 17 and in high school. I'm graduating next semester and I'm pretty good at school. Um, let's see," I started thinking about anything that I was aloud to tell them, "Oh! I'm about 5'6 foot, I have no idea where my mom is, and my dad is the most important guy in my life right now."

They both looked at each other and nodded. "Alright miss, meet us here tomorrow as sunset and we'll give our answer." I nodded at Chat.

I ran and jumped off the tower to have them scream, "Wait!"

I started flying towards them and looked at them, making sure they were alright. "What what?! What's wrong?"

Their eyes widened when they saw me flying. "Woah! How are you doing that?!"

I giggled. "It's my power. Like you have your lucky charm and Chat has his cataclysm. My weapon is kinda like a hammer, but it's huge and can create earthquakes if I hit the ground hard enough." I chuckled. "Anyway, I'll leave you two to talk. See you tomorrow!"

"Hang on! What's your name?"

I froze. What is my name? I obvious can't tell them my name. I need to come up with something like they have. Oh! I got it!

"Call me Queen Bee. Or Bee for short." I winked and flew back home, inpatiently waiting for tomorrow night to be here.

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