December 14, 6:30 pm

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After watching the news, I was shocked. There's another new hero?? I knew that that Queen Bee showed up a few days ago but now this Rena girl too?? To be honest, Trixx looks very familiar... Where do I know her from?

My phone dinged, signaling that a message was coming through. I looked and saw it was from Alya and I smiled.

We've been dating for almost a year and a half now. I was planning on proposing after graduation but I'm been worried she won't say yes. I know she likes me but I'm not sure she truly loves me like I love her. I was planning on asking Marinette tomorrow at school to see where she is in our relationship. With all that we've been through I have feel like we were meant to be but I'm afraid she won't see it that way.

A:Hey babe! You're not gonna believe what I just saw! 🤩🤩


A:You remember Lila, right? The girl who became Volpina and wore that Fox outfit? 😒🦊

N:Yea what about her?

A:I just saw her battling Ladybug and Chat Noir! Plus those new hero's that joined them!

N:Woah no way! That is so cool! Did you get any photos or videos?

A:No cause my stupid phone died right as I was taking a picture! Ugh! 😡

N:Aw man! That sucks! Don't worry baby, you'll get one next time.

A: Yea hopefully. Gtg, text me tmrw.

N:bye babe. 👋🏻

I put my phone down. I was about to go to the kitchen for a snack when I saw a small black box on my dresser. Huh? I went over to it and picked it up. I opened the box only to have a green glowing light shine right in my face.

"God!" I yelled as I fell backwards. I looked up and saw a green floating creature right in front of me.

"Hey there. My name is Wayzz, the turtle kwami."

"Woah dude! You're a kwami? Wait, aren't those what make Ladybug and the others super hero's?" He nodded, sadly. I was confused. "Hey little dude what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just miss my old master. I grew attached to him for so many years it's kinda hard to be with someone new."

"I understand Wayzz. But wait, does that mean your picking me to be your new master? What does that mean?"

"That means you are chosen to be the next holder. You will be fighting along side Ladybug and Chat Noir's team and bring balance to the forces of evil."

"This is gonna be awesome! Wait till I tell Alya and-"

"No! You mustn't tell anyone, not even the ones you love. Understood?"

"But why not? It's not like they'll tell anyone. Well, Alya may but I can make sure she keeps the secret." I said hopeful that he'll say yes.

"I am sorry, but those are the rules from my previous master. It's not because we want to keep it from them so they will never know, it's so they won't be in danger. If you tell anyone, and they become akumatized, Hawk Moth can look into their minds and know who you are. He'll capture you, take your miraculous, and destroy you."

I sighed. He's right, if I tell anyone they'll be in danger. I can't risk losing any of my friends, or Alya. I don't know what I'd do if she got hurt because of me.

"You're right. I won't tell anyone. So, other than not telling anyone, are there any other rules I need to know?"

"Your power normal power is Levitation, and your secret power is Intangibility, which is the ability to pass through solid objects such as cars, walls, even paper. People however isn't a possibility unfortunately. Your weapon is your turtle shell, which can be used as a shield and boomerang. Everything else you can use normally but your secret power can only be used once, then right after you only have a few minutes before you change back to normal. Are you ready?"

I nodded. "Good, now, to change you say 'Shells On!' To change back before you run out of time is 'Shells Off!' Got it?" I nodded yet again and stood in the middle of my bedroom.

"Wayzz, Shells on!"

I saw all types of lighting; bright, low, green, white. I could see my shirt and pants being replaced with a green jumpsuit then a shield like shell was placed on my back. A hood was placed on my head and a mask over my eyes.

I was placed on the ground and I look at my arms. I had green sleeves, green gloves, and the bracelet on my left hand. I looked around for a mirror; when I found one I saw that the mask and hood hid almost all of my face, my headphones and cap were gone, my hair was doing something I've never seen before: showing itself.

Then I saw the shield/shell on my back and I grabbed it. I placed my right hand in the handles and grabbed the farthest one and shielded myself for fun.

"This is so cool!" I was gonna go outside when I heard someone.

"Nino! mon garçon! Time for dinner!"

"Ok Maman! I'll be right down!" I walked over to my desk. "Shield off!"

I changed back into my regular self and I saw Wayzz fly into my bed.

"I have to go to dinner but tomorrow we are going on a test run. Stay here, I'll bring you something later."

"Thank you, I need something sweet to eat to regain my transformation powers. Wait!" he yelled as I was about to leave, "you need a name for your super hero. Can you think of one?"

I thought long and hard until I finally had it. "Carapace. My name will be Carapace."


Mon garçon-my son
OK Maman- ok mom

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