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Adrien POV

It's Saturday and I wanted to go see Marinette but of course my father is making me do a piece from my piano lesson in front of him. And if I mess up even once, he'll make me redo it all over again.

Right now I was in the middle of a song and I noticed my father with his eyes closed. That usually means that he's trying to flow with the music.

I closed my eyes as I played, imagining Marinette's beautiful eyes, amazing blue hair, her laugh, her smile, the way she waves. Ever little thing about her makes me smile.

I was almost done when I pressed the wrong key by mistake. My eyes shot open and and a small gasp escaped my lips.

"Again." Was all my father said as I started all over again.

After an hour of playing, I was finally released. I noticed that it was almost lunch time so I decided to get us lunch and have a little picnic.

"Adrien, can I have Camembert now?" Plagg said and I groaned.

"I still can't believe you like that gross cheese. I smell terrible every time you eat it." I said handing him one from the plastic bag I had in my bag.

"Because it's delicious!" He said as he threw it in the air and caught it in his mouth. I rolled my eyes as I hid him in my bag.

After getting enough bread, cupcakes, and sodas for our picnic, I went inside an alley. After transforming, I jumped and ran on the roofs until I came across Marinette's home.

I looked inside her window to see her working on some homework. I smiled and tapped on the window.

She looked up and once she saw me, her eyes lit up like they always do. She opened the window and I climbed in.

"What a surprise. What are you doing here Kitty?" She said with all of the joy in her voice.

So cute, I thought. "Well I thought I'd ask you on a romantic lunch with me today." I opened the bag with all the food in it so she could see. Her eyes lit up as she giggled.

"I would love to. Where are we going?"

"I thought that maybe you'd want to have lunch on the Eiffel Tower. Just go tell your parents that your gonna go hang out with some friends and I'll take you when you go outside."

"That sounds awesome! Meet you outside in 5."

She kissed my cheek and rushed down the stairs, leaving me standing in the middle of her bedroom with a red face.

Oh my god!!! She just kissed my cheek! I am literally fangirling right now!!!

With a huge smile on my face, I climbed out of her window, closing it after, then waited till Marinette came outside. When I saw her come out of the bakery, I jumped down to meet her.

"You ready, my lady?" I held my hand out for her and I saw a blush seep onto her face.

"Uh, y-yea! Lets go!" I ignored her nervousness and pulled her towards me. I put my right arm around her and used the other for my staff. I shot us up to the roof of the school. I picked her up bridal style. "Hold on tight."

We ran all the way till we got to the Eiffel Tower. Once we were at the very top, I put her down.

"Woah!" She said while looking out in the city.

"So I take it by that 'Woah' you like it?" I said a bit nervous.

"Are you kidding, I love it! It's gorgeous up here!" I let out the breath I was holding in and held her hand. I sat us both down by the rails and spread the food out. As we ate, we chatted about her since, you know, I can't tell her anything about me.

"-best friend Alya. She's so awesome and helps me with anything and everything."

"Isn't she that one who does the LadyBlogs?"

"Yea! She's also dedicated her life to one day finding out who Ladybug is. Can't say I blame her though; I'm a little interested too."

"Aw so neither of you care about who I am?" I said all dramatic. I put the back of my left hand on my forehead and my right hand backwards. "I am so offended!"

She laughed and I joined her. For the next hour all we did was tell stories, talk about friends, and complain about school. Mostly coming from her though. I couldn't help but look at her lips. Curse my stupid urge to want to kiss her.

After all the laughter died down, I noticed that Marinette was staring at me. I could feel my face getting red and I saw hers too.

Just as I was about to lean in, someone had to ruin it.

"Chat Noir, there's an- Oh, what's going on here?" Lady Beetle looked at the both of us and gave me a what-the-fuck look.

"I'm on a date with my boyfriend. Who are you? I've never seen a female Ladybug before." She said a little harsh but he didn't notice.

"I am Lady Beetle, or just Beetle. I am new to the team as well as Kitty Noir. I would ask for your name but me and your boyfriend need to have a chat." I frowned when he said boyfriend like that.

"I'll be right back princess. Just keep eating." I kissed her forehead as I walked over to an annoyed Beetle.

"There's been sight of an akumitized victim over by the Dupain-Cheng bakery. I need you to get this girl somewhere safe then join me and Kitty. The others haven't shown yet so it'll just be us till they arrive. But you need to get this girl to safety."

I nodded, knowing that if we stayed any longer I'd be putting Mari in danger.

"Got it. I'll take her to her friend Alya's place. I'll meet up with you guys later." We exchanged a nod and he left. I walked back to Marinette,

"Listen, we're gonna have to reschedule our picnic. There's been an akuma attack and I have to go check it out. I'm gonna take you to your friends house."

Her eyes went wide then softened. "It's ok we can finish this another time." I smiled and quickly packed everything up. I handed her the basket then picked her up like before. We quickly made our way to Alya's house. I knocked o her window and she showed up right away.

"Chat Noir? Marinette? What are you two doing here?"

"We're so sorry to intrude but I need to leave her here. There's been an akuma attack on her bakery and I need to go check it out."

"Yea of course! I have to, uh, go somewhere but she can stay in my room." I climbed in and placed Marinette down.

"I'll see you later princess. I'm so sorry I had to cut our date short. I promise I'll make it up to you."

I kissed her forehead and left. I chuckled knowing Mari is probably being yelled at by Alya for not telling her that we're dating. I'm probably gonna get that talk from Alya about if-you-hurt-my-best-friend-I'll-chop-your-tail-off or something.

Putting all thoughts aside I ran on the roofs of buildings to my girlfriends home, not knowing what I was gonna see before me.

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