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008. ❛ don't be afraid.

FELICIA GOT ON THE ELEVATOR AND ASCENDED FOUR FLIGHTS TO APT 603, THAT FOSTERED ONE MARY JANE WATSON. NERVES AND JITTERS RAN THROUGH HER HANDS AS THEY BALLED UP TO KNOCK ON HER DOOR. It would be the first time that she had ever been over to a friend's house, or even meet their parents. She had good etiquette to interact with people older than her, knowing that she should treat everybody with respect. It still made her nervous to the point where her hand was in midair, waiting on the decision of whether or not to knock.

That decision didn't take long before the door itself opened from the inside, revealing Mary Jane and Gwen at the door.

"Felicia, we were just about to go down and get you." Gwen informed her, pulling her into a hug before proceeding to the same to Mary Jane.

"I'm sorry I took long. My mom and I had a small debacle." She confessed as they made their way to the elevator she got off of seconds ago.

"What happened?" Gwen inquired at the same time realizing the prying that she was doing. "It's okay if you can't tell us."

She instantly shook her head in a playful manner to let the blonde know she didn't do anything wrong. "It's perfectly fine, Gwen. My mom just found out that I snuck a cat into our apartment. Long story short, we're keeping the cat."

Mary Jane pressed the button for the first floor and waiting for the doors to close. The elevator started to descended but not without making a couple stops along the way from the sixth floor. As it got crowded, Felicia and the girls managed to stay together in one of the corners until it became less occupied. Once on the ground floor, the three girls left the elevator and the building out into the day that awaited them. The trio wandered the area not really having any destination in mind, also finding themselves linking arms as they laughed about nothing and shared their small problems all while exploring the city of New York.

"You know what I love about New York?" Mary Jane asked huddling the two girls closer to her. "That we have the most amazing buildings and theater shows."

Gwen extended her hand towards Felicia at the mention of Mary Jane's comment, leaving the redhead confused as to what was happening. Felicia placed a quarter in her hand and the two laughed at the confused Mary Jane. "What just happened?"

"It's just that Felicia and I had a bet to see how long you could go without talking about theater, and I won." Gwen giggled to the redhead that was putting on a fake annoyed face that shattered within minutes of the others giggles.

"We should cut her some slack, Leesh. After all not everybody can do what MJ does after all." Gwen considered and Felicia more than happily agreed, and it took her a while to notice that they had established a nickname for her. She hadn't ever had a nickname before, beside the daughter of Walter Hardy; although she didn't consider it a nickname rather than a way to identify her. The fact of a nickname made her feel accepted and even more inclined to their group.

She detached from the girls and strolled in front of them, walking backwards and still watching out for incoming people. "I don't know, Gwen. I mean, I'm a really good singer and actress that Mary Jane might see me as a threat."

The girls encouraged the blonde to keep going as she sang the song, Singing in the Rain alongside a couple of made up tap dances. The trio were earning a couple of eyes from oncoming strangers that dismissed the girls and kept walking on their path. Felicia did a good job ignoring them, it was something that her father's inprisionment taught her. Not to care about what anybody else was thinking. While Felicia did sing the tune well, the girls covered their ears in a playful way that made Felicia just stick her tongue out at them while continuing to dance around them.

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