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Hey guys I just wanted to let you know if you didn't know that I have other books that I would love for your guys to check out, I'm just posting this on this book because it's my most popular but if you like this book I'm sure you'd like my others, there all zodiac and most are not stereotypical, and that's great in my opinion so here's what there called and please go give them some love ❤️

Zodiac house-all the zodiacs living in a house together trust me it's more interesting then it sounds.

Insanity bites-the zodiacs in an insane asylum some are doctors and some a patients, this is one of my favourite books of mine

Truth or dare- this one needs dares and truths and is in desperate need for love!

Broken wings- this is about the zodiacs as beings that can fly without wings but they are stuck in their border because shadow figures hide out around there border waiting to kill them.

Zodiac one shots- I like writing these go and suggest some!

Yep so please go give them some love!

Thanks look out for the next chapter for this book and I think I'm going to change the cover for this book so yep look out for that too!

-grace 👽👍🏻

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