Chapter Thirty-Six» Oblivion

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The feeling of losing yourself in to the unknown; having no knowledge of what's to come yet running towards the feeling of oblivion, of numbness, to such an extent. Where the world around you doesn't make sense any more. Where everything disappears against the winds. Washing away.

The ecstasy of jumping in to a moment where the world around you stands still. Halting for a moment, giving you barely an iota yet giving you something to hold on to. Showing an ounce of mercy.

Mercy wasn't something men like me, deserved. Mercy, was meant for the ones whose hearts were pure. Whose eyes shined with life, whose very smile brought happiness upon everyone. Whose very existence was like losing oneself in to oblivion.


Closing my eyes tightly, I remembered the first time I saw her. When she was Eighteen. When she was all grown up yet too innocent for the world. Too innocent for the darkness reeking from each corner.

I can still see the way she stood beside Hussaina and Saif. Her large hazel eyes filled with long eyelashes glancing around in amusement. The innocence evident in them. Unlike my sister, Naina wore a headscarf covering those aurbun locks that held everyone captivated to her. That held me captivated.

I can still hear the rain falling on the windows of the car. Patterning softly. The small droplets creating an army of soldiers, smacking on to the glass. Screaming to be heard. The wipers washed away the water, revealing the girl standing under the umbrella, her eyes glancing around in nervousness.

Sitting inside the car, I felt like a criminal looking at the young mesmerising woman. She didn't have to say anything, she didn't need to show off. All the attention fell on her naturally, the way she looked closely at every detail. The way her face lit up in happiness at the simplest of things, such as rain. To the way she smiled that breathtaking smile, allowing her dimples to emerge.

She was beautiful in every way. She was too pure for this world, too pure to be in sight of a man, like me.

I could see she was worried. Her forehead creased a little making a shadow of fear appear on her face. Bringing her wrist watch towards her gaze, she glanced at it every minute to be exact.

She was waiting for her brother to pick her up, yet what she didn't know was. Armaan wasn't picking her up, I was picking them up from college.

Inhaling sharply, I didn't understand the clenching feeling in my stomach yet I found myself reaching towards the door handle. Grabbing my jacket I stepped out in to the rainy day, feeling the cold breeze wash over me. It's cold fingers dragging through my hair. Clenching on to it.

The fresh smell of grass and rain clashing against each other; drifted through my nose. Looking upwards I glanced at the trio standing beside the bus stop. Sheltering themselves from rain. The umbrella in their hands barely doing any justice.

Hussaina had been the one persistent enough, to convince Naina to look at colleges in Vancouver. There were many nearby in Jasper, yet I knew my sister all too well. She always had a reason for everything. The scheming woman.

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