Chapter 22

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Angel's POV


Coming down those stairs left me out of breath, I kid you not. But I was obviously too stubborn to let the twins carry me down the stairs even though they offered multiple times.

I was so winded that the twins decided to get me to sit down somewhere even though I told them not to carry me around.

Getting my breath back, I nearly jumped up if it wasn't for the twins holding me. They immediately rose with me, Xander's hand going around my waist and Xavier holding my hand again.

I pumped my free hand into the air and yelled.

"Now outside!"

"Now wait just a minute. You didn't say anything about going outside. We let you walk but we're not going outside just yet."

I raised an eyebrow in question.

"You wanna loose your cuddle time with me?"

"No, but-"

"Then it's settled. Let's go."

They sighed unhappily and begrudgingly started walking me to the front door.

We went out and I looked around happily, breathing in the fresh air around me.

I could hear a faint laughter from behind the house so I walked towards that, the twins trailing behind me.

Reaching my destination I see Lisa, Landon and Chris talking and laughing and the twins' parents talking with some other pack members who I hadn't had the chance to meet yet.

Lisa looked over for a second and then did a double to take, so I smiled and waved at her a little. She stared at me, jaw nearly hitting the ground. That caused Landon and Chris turn a little to see what she was looking at and when they saw me standing there smiling nervously, their jaws dropped and they looked just like Lisa did.

I giggled loudly which caused everyone else to look over at me also. My eyes went wide and my face turned red from the sudden attention. I could hear the twins chuckle from behind me as they stepped closer and wrapped their arms around me.

"Angel!" All five of them coming closer and after a moment of hesitation so does everyone else in the backyard.

Before they can come close enough to hug me, the twins growl warningly, not wanting them to take me out of their arms. I shrugged and smiled apologetically at them, deciding not to push the twins any further as they already let me come outside.

One of the twins rests their head on top of mine while the other rests his head in the crook of my neck and they both sigh and hum contently.

"What did you do that they let you come outside after just waking up?" Landon asked incredulously.

"I bet she mated with them." Lisa and Chris snicker while I grow as red as a fire truck.

"What?? No!" I looked at them in horror. Why would they think that??

"Mhmm, yeah sure. What did you do then?" Lisa asked, smiling at me smugly.

"I promised them cuddle time later."

"Only that?"


"And they agreed?!?"

"As you can see, I'm standing right here."

"It wasn't just cuddle time that you promised us, baby angel." The twins growled into my ear and I went a little redder thinking about what I had promised them.

It was now only me, the twins, Lisa, Chris and Landon standing there and the three of them smirked at me as they raised their eyebrows. Lisa decided to ask a question that made me want to murder her right then and there.

"So what did you promise them? A show of your lingerie?"

The twins looked at me with hooded eyes and growled huskily.

"You own lingerie?"

Their eyes went between their own and their wolves' darker eyes as the want and need for me grew.

"No! I don't and I never have!"

They narrowed their eyes at me, trying not to let their wolves come out.

"You sure about that?"

"Yup." Popping the 'p' in the end.

The twins exhaled loudly through their noses as the other three laughed at them.

Suddenly, something came to my mind and I turned to Landon and Lisa who were still laughing. Landon's arm was around Lisa's waist and I had a mental aww moment until I remembered my task at hand.

"Hey do you guys have a shipname already?"

Lisa answered, as Landon was still chuckling in amusement.

"No. My idiot of a brother has been trying to come up with one but he's been unable to find something."

I could hear Chris' offended 'hey' in the background as I tried to think of one.

"How about... Lisdon?"

"Oh my god, how did you do that??" Chris asked me.

"Umm... I don't...know?" Not really sure what he was talking about.

"I have been trying to find one in ages and here you come and just think of a perfect one in like five seconds!"


"What have you been coming up with then?"

It was Lisa who answered once again.

"He has come up with names like Lisn, Lanisa and Landolisa."

"Oh my."

"That's what we were thinking when he told us."

Chris only hugged angrily, crossing his arms over his chest as they laughed at him.

"Can we go and cuddle now? I think we've been out for long enough now."

I pointed my tongue at the others as they were snickering and making kissy faces at us and answered the twins with a 'sure'.

Xavier's and Xander's faces lit up and not even a half a minute later we were in our bedroom and I was in Xavier's arms. I just stared at them bewildered, my head spinning a little from the speed they used.

He carried me to the bed, putting me down on it. He climbed on and leaned on the headboard, pulling me to his chest. Xander came to lay between my legs, resting his head on my abdomen and wrapping his arms around my waist just like Xavier had done some time ago.

I put my hands into Xander's hair and started to slowly massage his scalp, sometimes tugging softly on his hair with my fingers. Soon the room was filled with his steady purring. He snuggled his head a little closer so that the shirt I was wearing rose up a little. Xander licked my exposed tummy which made me snap my head down at him as he smiled at me innocently.

I rested my head back on Xavier's chest and closed my eyes as he nuzzled the side of my head and neck with his nose, all the while purring.

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