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In the hospital

I can't bare seeing or talking to jack right now he's the fault she got hit
"Miss Mia Tomlinson" (no I'm not Louis Tomlinson's sister we have the same last name cause my dad is British) she called my name
I get up from Daniels lap and rush to her
"That's me" I say Christina comes behind me
"You may see her now" she says
Me and Christina enter we see her we cry she's so pale what if she dies I must stop thinking negative I must think positive she's gonna be ok
"Mam you have to leave" the nurse pulls me outside
Daniel picks me up and puts me in his lap and starts stroking my hair
"She's ok babe don't worry" he says
I cry into his warm chest
"Daniel what if she dies" I say
"She won't" he says looking down at me

-30 minutes later-
"Miss Mia Ava is ok and she can leave the hospital thank his that the hit wasn't bad" she said
"Thank you so much" I say
"No problem sweetie" she says
"Ava" I say
"Mia" she says hugging me
"You can get out now" I say
She smiles and the rest comes in
"Ba-" jack says he gets cut of by Ava
"I don't want too see you right now" she says looking the other direction
"I'm so sorry jack" I tell him he walks outside

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