= Chapter 31 =

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" And my hands are not clean, maybe they never will be. But they can still carry you home when you're ready to sleep."

- Jeremy Lockhart


I was an utter mess the moment my mom gave birth to me. I was most probably born on the highway, where most accidents happen. You may not see it on the outside, but I am different from other kids.

My difference is just more...subtle.

My difference is more...dangerous.

Unlike most people, I hated to sleep. We all had dreams, even I had. My dreams just happen to turn out to be my nightmares which became my reality — my past.

All I wanted to do every time I fell asleep was to wake up to reality. But this morning became a whole new reality...

"Into the FIREEEEEEE!!!" My alarmed clock shook me out of my nightmares, causing me to fall off my bed with a thud.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" My angry voice echoed through the house. Throwing the alarm clock against the wall, the annoying voice record finally stopped.

Who the hell switched my playlist to some random record? Muting my train of thoughts, I looked around. Everything seem to be in it's original place but something felt odd, like as if something changed...

Feeling slightly uncomfortable, I looked towards my sweatpants that I wore and noticed that it was wet.

I did not piss in my pants, did I?

Or had wet dreams?

Glancing at my table beside my bed, I noticed a bowl filled with water. Being an experienced professional prankster that I obviously am, I knew someone pranked me with the oldest prank that ever existed.


As if that tiny prank could destroy my day, I snicker at my own thoughts. Being unaffected by the two pranks, I didn't bother who actually fooled me. I was so sure that that person was harmless.  

That's what I thought...

Grabbing my phone, I checked the time which left me panic-stricken. I was an hour late for school!

Fuckentino. My. Life.

I threw my phone on my bed, before dashing into the toliet. I couldn't get detention again, dad would slaughter me with his numerous mafia knives.
He would actually skin me alive.

I began sneezing, I assume it was my dust allergy again. Having a blocked nose which caused me not to smell a thing, did not make my morning any better. That was one of the disadvantages of having a dust allergy.

Sighing in frustration, I snatched the first bottle of soap that came in reach and applied a large amount all over myself.

After doing my usual shower routine, I wore my V-neck black T-shirt paired with ripped jeans and my Nikes.

Typical bad boy look, the way I liked it to be. It gave me assurance that I was human and had a label or some sort of identity in my life. Without it, I would never know what or who I should be.

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